Seasons Greetings To All

The Meadow Walk HOA’s annual meeting was held on November 30th. Forty-six homeowners appeared in person or by proxy. Frank covered the budget and explained each budget item. The board then voted unanimously to approve the budget as presented. As a consequence of the budget, the annual member dues were increased to $765.00. The invoices for the dues have been sent out. If you have not gotten yours, please contact Frank or Nancy. Their contact information is below and is also on the web page.

One of the major costs to the budget is landscaping. Frank and the board looked at 3 bids and selected the one that will hopefully provide the best service. Another major cost is electrical. Again, Frank and the board chose a contractor from three bids. Soon, the entry to Meadow Walk will be lit and visible as you approach it.

Another major cost, but not a budget item, is the repair and painting of the perimeter wall. Frank received more than 3 bids for this project. The money for the wall is already in the bank in a reserve account. While it is not a budget item for 2023, this reserve account will need to be replenished over the next several years.

Homeowners adjacent to the ponds were advised to keep about a 4 foot buffer of uncut grass along the perimeter of the ponds. This will help to keep run-off from our lawns causing algae or the growth of invasive plants.

Held over for next year is the proposal for a gardening committee to keep the entry way decorated with seasonal plantings and the like. Also proposed were written notices to homeowners who are not keeping their properties in a condition consistent with specific provisions in the governing documents. Credit for the Notice of Violation form goes to David Johnson, the former secretary. The current secretary simply fine tuned it.

Lastly, Craig Rapihana was appointed to the board by unanimous appproval. At the board meeting immediately following the general meeting, the current officers were re-elected:

Frank DeSteno | President
Joe Stewart | Vice President
Nancy Woodrow | Treasurer
Mary Lynn Endter | Secretary
Vivia Martin | Director
Nick Stine | Director
Craig Raphihana | Director

HOA Annual Meeting Agenda for Nov. 30, 2022

Fruitville Public Library | 6:00 p.m.

    1. Call to order and establish a quorum
    2. Minutes from 2021 Meeting
    3. 2023 Budget (Board Vote)
    4.     Increase in dues (Payment Due no later than January 31, 2023)
          Funding of Entrance to Meadow Walk
          Curb Power Washing

    5. Notice of Use/Modification Violations
    6. Nominations to Board of Directors
    7. Gardening Committee
    8. New Business: Landscaping, Electrical, and Perimeter Wall Painting
    9. Old Business: Cross Creek Buffer Zone
    10. Homeowner’s Lein
    11. Homeowner Comments
    12. 2023 Meeting Dates: March 3, June 14, and Sept 13 (6 p.m. Library)
    13. Adjournment


November 30, 2022 (Immediately following the Adjournment of the Annual Meeting)

    1. Call to order and establish a quorum
    2. Election fo Officers
    3. Other Business
    4. Adjournment

Notice of HOA General Membership Meeting

November 30, 2022 – Fruitville Public Library, 6:00 PM

This is the Official Notice of the Annual Meeting of the Membership of Meadow Walk HOA. Your presence and participation at the HOA Annual Meeting is essential. If you cannot be present at the meeting please prepare a Proxy. Proxy forms were handed out along with this notice to each homeowner. Once your Proxy is prepared, please drop it off at 1025 Meadow Breeze Ln.

We cannot vote on matters if we don’t have a quorum of members, either by your presence or your proxy. The agenda will be finalized and posted on this website before the meeting. The Agenda will include the budget for 2023; a raise in annual dues; an update on the entry project and its funding; a homeowner’s objection to her property lien and its cost; notice of governing document violations; the painting of the perimeter wall; the forming of a gardening committee; the need for a buffer zone around ponds; and any other matters that may arise between now and the final agenda.

Board Members are Volunteers. Right now we have 6 Board Members. If you have an interest in sitting on the Board, please speak up at the meeting. The goal is to have enough Board Members so that we always have a Quorum at the three regularly scheduled meetings durning the year and the Annual Meeting at the end of the tear. The current Board consist of Frank DeSteno, President:; Joe Stewart, Vice President; Nancy Woodrow, Treasurer; Mary Lynn Endter, Secretary; Vivia Martin, and Nick Stine, Board Members at Large.

If you have concerns that you would like the Board to discuss, please send them to Frank DeSteno: before the meeting.

HOA Budget Meeting Set for Wed, Oct. 19th @ 6p.m.

The Meadow Walk HOA Board will be holding a budget workshop meeting at the Fruitville Library on October 19, 2022, at 6:00 p.m. You are invited to attend. Please understand, however, that your input regarding the budget will be allowed at the discretion of the Board. All comments are welcome by email after the meeting.

Please also mark your calendars that the annual general meeting of the HOA will be on November 30th, also at the Fruitville Library, starting at 6 pm. Your comments and suggestions will be most welcome at that meeting and are encouraged.

HOA Meeting Agenda for Sept. 14, 2022

AGENDA: Sept. 14, 2022, Fruitville Public Library, 6:00 pm

1. Call to order/quorum
2. Approval of minutes of June 8, 2022, meeting.
3. Board Action on Property Liens
    1. unpaid dues; liens
4. Treasurer Needed:
5. Disscusion: Whether or not to Keep a Lawyer on Retainer
6. Entrance Project:
    1. Light Post
    2. Irrigation
    3. Electrical
    4. Landscape Volunteers
    5. Funding
7. Governing Documents Rewrite Volunteers
8. Search for a new Landscape Maintenance Provider
9. Other business, if any
8. Adjournment [Next Meeting: Annual Meeting, Nov. 30, 2022]

Notice of HOA Board Meeting, Wed., Sept 14th, 6 p.m

In anticipation of the next board meeting, we have a few things to bring to your attention beforehand.

First, as you already know, the entry way to Meadow Walk is being renovated. A lot of work is still needed. However, as a cost savings measure, we are looking for volunteers to plant the island. The HOA will buy the plants, but help with planting would give us some measure of control over how plants are placed. If you have an interest, please come to the board meeting, or notify Frank,

Second, we need to update our governing documents. Anyone interested in helping can contact me. My contact info is below. We are hoping to have an attorney on retainer to advise us on the process. This could be something of a long term project, but the more help, the faster we can get things done.

Third, right now Frank is our president and treasurer. We are looking for a volunteer to take on the role of treasurer. No special qualifications are needed. An interest in setting our annual budget would be helpful. Please let Frank know of your interest.

Fourth, please welcome Nicholas and Lynette Yoder [7398 DCC], who have recently moved to the neighborhood, as well as Raphael Kulawik [1005 MBL].

Finally, we have a number of missing email permission forms, likely related to the new board taking over after the death of Gary. I will be asking you to sign the needed form, by coming to your home, or looking for you at the next board meeting. Your private information is never shared and is used only for HOA business. Your email gives me the easiest, fastest and most cost effective way to inform you of HOA business.

Please Note, the Agenda for the next meeting will be posted here on the HOA website ahead of time.

HOA Meeting Agenda for June 8, 2022

AGENDA: June 8, 2022, Fruitville Public Library, 6:00 pm

1. Call to order/quorum
    Resignation/acknowledgment of Dave Johnson
2. Approval of minutes of March 9, 2022, meeting.
3. Financial report
    1. unpaid dues; liens
4. Entrance project: lighting, irrigation, shrubs, funding
5. Updated email permission forms needed
6. Governing documents rewrite
7. Other business, if any
8. Adjournment [Next Meeting: General Annual Meeting, Nov. 30, 2022]

Second HOA Meeting of 2022 Scheduled for Wed., June 8

The second HOA Board meeting of 2022 will be held at the Fruitville Library on Wednesday, June 8, at 6:00 pm. The agenda will include, but may not be limited to: an update on the entry remediation; outstanding dues and options for recovery of those dues; the funding of projects not already funded. Everyone in the Community is urged to atted if possible. A Minutes of the meeting will be published here.

The board consists of Frank De Steno, President and Treasurer; Joe Stewart, Vice-President; MaryLynn Endter, Secretary; Nancy Woodrow, Vivia Martin, and Nick Stine, Board Members-At-Large. If you have other concerns that you would like the board to discuss, please send them to Frank:

Board of Directors Meeting Minutes March 9, 2022

Meadow Walk Homeowners’ Association
Board of Directors Meeting
Minutes: March 9, 2022
Fruitville Library 6:00 pm

6:00 pm: Frank De Steno called the meeting to Order. A quorum was met: Frank, Joe Stewart, Mary Lynn Endter, Nancy Woodrow, Vivia Martin, and Nick Stine. Frank opened the meeting by thanking Joe for the work he has done to update the HOA web page.

Meeting Minutes: The minutes of both board meetings held on December 8, 2021, were unanimously approved.

Entrance to Meadow Walk: Frank said that the entry island will be leveled on Friday, with the removal of the trees and plantings, leaving the boulders and street light. The plan is to install irrigation, three foxtail palms, and mulch for weed control. Frank asked the board to fund this phase of the project from deferred maintenance and the tree removal reserve. The board unanimously approved using $3,000 from deferred maintenance and $2,200 from tree trimming. Nancy asked if the two live palms could be sold. Frank said that was so complicated as to make it nearly impossible. Frank noted that the completion of the entry island may require a special assessment of a few hundred dollars. Nancy would like future contracts for tree trimming to be re-evaluated.

Dead Shrubs: Frank got an estimate of $3,000 to remove all of the shrubs and to replace them with some odd species, but that is too expensive within the current budget. A second estimate to remove and replace only the dead shrubs and to repair the irrigation is needed.

Financial Report: Frank noted that we are in balance but that eight homeowners are delinquent with their annual dues assessment. The question is whether we can impose a fine. Our legal documents provide for interest of 18%. Diane is planning to send notices to the delinquent homeowners that a lien will be placed on their property. The cost of this process, including Diane’s fee, will be paid by the delinquent homeowners as part of the lien recovery process.

Other business: The HOA mailbox fee is due in May. The Christmas wreaths will be going into the trash. The storage unit is very small and contains only 2 banker boxes. At the cost of $80.00 a month, Frank suggested we relinquish the locker. The board members agreed. The garage sale will be held on April 9th. Joe will put a notice on the web page and buy signs to place at the entry. LaNae Duchesneau will advertise it on other social media. Mary Lynn will set the general annual homeowners’ meeting date.

Social Committee: LaNae [with her cohorts] has collected the names, addresses, emails, etc., from all but eight homeowners. This information will be put into booklet form. LaNae would like to see some other activities to create camaraderie in the community, such as a block party, or a summer picnic.

Adjournment: The meeting was adjourned at 6:55 pm. [next meeting date: June 8, 2022]

Community Garage Sale: Saturday, April 9th

Make money from that stuff you need to get rid of!

The Annual Community-Wide Garage Sale will be on April 9, 2022, from 8 a.m. till Noon. We’re going to take advantage of the extra visibility by running our Garage Sale on the same day!

We’ll be advertising this event, and posting signs so start gathering your ‘stuff.’

One Park for All in Sarasota

Do Not Feed Alligators
Community Notes

2023 HOA Meeting Dates

Wed., Mar. 8, 2023,
Wed., June 14, 2023
Wed., Sept. 13, 2023
Tues., Dec. 5, 2023

All meetings begin at 6 pm at the Fruitville Library

Please Do Not Feed Wildlife

It has been brought to our attention that some Meadow Walk residents have been observed feeding wildlife. Here, in Florida, it is illegal to feed Manatees, Sand Hill Cranes, Raccoons, Foxes and Alligators.     

Pick Up After Your Dog

Remember, dogs must be kept on leashes at all times. Please abide by this rule for the safety of your dog, your neighbors, and your neighbor’s dogs. Even a friendly dog could endanger a child on a bike or scooter, and don’t forget to pick up after your dog.


Any vehicles with commercial advertising must be stored in the garage for overnight parking. Ladders must be removed from work vehicles for overnight parking.

Our subdivision is scheduled for trash and recycling pick-up on Tuesdays. According to Waste Management and Sarasota County, no trash is to be placed curbside until 4:00 pm the day before pick-up.

Please check your post lights.

Painting Your Home?

If you are considering painting the exterior of your house any color other that the original, you must first receive approval from the Modification Committee. If you are interested in looking at the approved Meadow Walk colors please contact the Board of Directors, the Modification Committee, or see the Construction Guidelines for specific details.

Parking / Mailboxes

Please remember, there is no parking allowed on the grass anywhere in the Meadow Walk Subdivision. Although you are legally allowed to park vehicles at curbside we urge you to try and avoid parking overnight on the street for safety reasons. Please refer to the Meadow Walk By-Laws for specific details.

We’ve received a friendly request from our mail carrier asking that residents not block the mailboxes. This includes parking in front of or too close to the box.