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The Modification Committee

The Board of Directors of the Association will appoint a Modifications Committee (“MC”). The Modification Committee shall have jurisdiction over modifications, additions and/or alterations made on existing residential improvements. The Modification Committee may establish rules, procedures and standards to govern its area of responsibility and practice. Until such time as the Modification Committee establishes different standards, rules and procedures to govern, the standards, rules and procedures in the HOA Construction Guidelines governing new construction shall, except to the extent waived by the Modification Committee, shall be applied to govern any and all modifications.

The Modifications Committee reviews all requests for changes to existing homes. It ensures that any changes are in keeping with the Declaration and the Construction Guidelines. It has the exclusive jurisdiction over modifications, additions or alterations made on or to existing Units or structures containing Units and the open space. As such, the Modifications Committee approves or denies requests based on completeness and compliance with the established standards. In general, no modification can be made to any existing unit or in its open space unless the owner first submits a modification application and receives approval to proceed.

Outlined below is the Modification Application Process for all Meadow Walk residents. In the event that the Modifications Committee fails to approve or disapprove an application or to request additional information within forty-five (45) days after submission, the application shall be deemed approved.

Modification Application Process

A modification application must be completed by the homeowner, accompanied by a copy of the lot survey and a copy of the contractor’s proposal or plans (when applicable) or any other documentation. Any alterations or additions to the exterior of your home or its grounds should be clearly indicated on the survey. If you are painting your home, whether the same color or a different color, paint chips must be included (in this case a lot survey is not necessary). The modification application can be downloaded by clicking on the link at the bottom of this page.

All modification requests must be submitted to a member of the Modifications Committee, which consists of three (3) persons, all of whom shall be appointed by and shall serve at the discretion of the Board of Directors. Members may include architects or similar professionals who are not Members of the Association. The Modifications Committee will meet within 14 days following their receiving a completed application form.

The Modification Committee Chairperson can, with the consent of the Committee, identify how “routine” modifications can be approved.

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