URGENT: We must ACT to Protect Our Property Values

Update: More Action Required

Tuesday, January 31, 2017: Our community was well represented amid the hundreds who showed up (ABC 7’s estimate) at last night’s “Neighborhood Workshop” to oppose the proposed Recycling Center project near the Celery Fields.

But this is only the beginning of the fight to prevent this project from being built. As of last night, the developer, Mr. James Gabbert of TST Ventures, LLC, has not yet formally applied for the property’s rezoning from OUR (“Open Use Rural”) to ILW (“Industrial, Light Manufacturing, Warehouse”), nor for the Special Exception which would be required to develop a Recycling Center on the parcel.

But Mr. Gabbert and his representative, Mr. Bo Medred of Genesis Planning, through their presentation and their responses during the subsequent Q&A session, indicated their commitment to filing the necessary applications and seeing the process through to its conclusion. This process will likely take months, and at some point in the future a hearing will be scheduled before the Sarasota County Planning Commission, at which time a decision will be made about whether or not to recommend that the Sarasota County Commissioners approve the petitions.

Restaurant Depot Public Hearing This Thursday, February 2nd, 6:30PM

In the meantime, the Sarasota County Planning Commission will hear conduct a public hearing this Thursday on a separate project which is already much further along in the process: Rezone Petition 16-33, for the proposed “Restaurant Depot” on the northwest corner of Palmer Boulevard & Apex Road.

Since this is a formal public hearing, and not a Neighborhood Workshop, comments from residents who attend will be much more likely to have an impact. Please consider attending this meeting.

You can see all the details of this Rezone Petition here.

Where: Sarasota County Administration Center, 1660 Ringling Boulevard, Sarasota (Map)
When: Thursday, February 2nd, 6:30pm
What: Public Hearing

The original content of this post appears below:

Your attendance at Monday’s “Neighborhood Workshop” can make a difference!

Where: Church of Hope, 1560 Wendell Kent Rd, Sarasota, FL 34240 (Map)
When: Monday, January 30, 2017, 6pm
What: Public Meeting

In case you aren’t aware, a developer has already begun construction on a “Waste Transfer Station” at the corner of Porter Road & Palmer Boulevard, less than a mile west of Meadow Walk.

In addition, however, they have applied for a “Special Exception” in the zoning of that property and an adjacent chunk of land. This exception, if granted by the Sarasota County Planning Commission, would allow them to construct a 16-acre Recycling Center.

Documents filed with the planning commission indicate that waste will be piled as high as 35 feet, and reports from members of the Meadow Walk HOA Board who were in attendance at a recent similar meeting indicated that the developer plans to build an 8-foot-high wall to obscure the waste from view. Of course, this means that only the bottom 8 feet of the 35-foot high piles of debris will be blocked from view.

In addition to being an eyesore, this project will, if approved, bring with it as many as 75 trucks per day hauling construction waste and other debris to and from this property. You can imagine the traffic from this, as well as the noise, the odors, and the threat to our property values that this project represents.

This includes an undetermined number of dump trucks and landscaping trucks bringing in debris daily, resulting in approximately a dozen semi-trucks hauling away debris every day.  They will have dump trucks, loaders/backhoes/tractors with claws and equipment to break up large pieces of concrete, trees limbs, and other debris.

They can call it what they want but it is a dump that will be unsightly, noisy, and will certainly have a negative effect on all of our property values.

Your attendance at this meeting can help our voices be heard!

This meeting takes place tomorrow (Monday, January 30th) at Church of Hope. Please join your fellow Meadow Walk homeowners as we speak up to prevent this project from being approved.

Note: A huge “thank you” to Sharon Stringer & Gary Walsh from the Meadow Walk HOA Board of Directors for representing us at the last neighborhood workshop about this project. Their reports contributed to the substance of this post. We hope you’ll let your voice be heard at this meeting also!

Proposed Changes That May Affect Your Property

Tonight, 2 separate meetings will be held locally to discuss potential zoning changes that may have an impact on your property value and quality of life here in Meadow Walk.

Proposed Recycling Center Scheduled for Monday, Jan., 30th @6:00pm

A developer has proposed a plan to develop a recycling center at the corner of Palmer Boulevard & Porter Road. This is less than one mile away from our community, due west of the Meadow Walk main entrance. Apparently, this parcel is already approved to be developed into a waste transfer station, and the developer, TST Ventures, LLC, hopes to modify the parcel’s zoning so that the recycling center can be developed there as well.

Recycling Center: Sarasota Palmer Boulevard

Would a waste transfer station & recycling center be good for our neighborhood?

As you might imagine, a waste transfer station & recycling center may bring with it smells and noise which are guaranteed to not be appealing. Since our community is the one closest to this center, it behooves us to be actively involved in the discussion.

Monday, Jan., 30th meeting takes place at 6pm at the Church of Hope.
The address is 1560 Wendell Kent Rd, Sarasota, FL 34240 (Click here for a Google map)

You can see the information filed by the developer here.

It should be noted that TST Ventures, LLC has previously attempted to develop a similar project on a different parcel at 700 Cattlemen Road, and was unsuccessful.

Proposed Restaurant Depot

The other meeting that takes place this evening is a “Neighborhood Workshop” to discuss a zoning change at Palmer Boulevard and Apex Road. The change is being requested by a developer who proposes to build a “Restaurant Depot” on the northwest corner of that intersection.

This meeting takes place at 6pm at Tatum Ridge Elementary School.

Check out the information filed by the developer here.

If you have questions or comments about these meetings, let’s have a discussion on Facebook.

Annual Meeting Dec. 5, 2016 Fruitville Library @ 7 p.m.


Your presence and participation at our Annual Meeting is essential. It is imperative that we have a quorum to conduct business. Please make it a point to be present and to share your concerns and ideas.

If you are attending the meeting, your ballot will be handed to you at sign in. Bring any proxies with you that your neighbors might have given you and they will be exchanged for a ballot at sign in. This will allow for any nominations from the floor.

1. Call to order/welcome/introductions.
2. Calling of the Roll and establishing a Quorum.
3. Appointment of Inspectors of Election.
4. Reports from officers.
5. Election of Directors; nominations from the floor
6. Financial report and discussion.
7. Old Business.
10. New Business.
11. Homeowner comments
12. Election results
13. Adjournment.

Our annual power washing is scheduled to start on Friday November 4th, and continue on Saturday the 5th.

All those who back onto the wall on Palmer Boulevard, please make sure all your tree limbs and bushes are cut back and away from the wall to allow access, so we may clean the wall properly and check for any potential issues.

We will also be cleaning all the gutters, so please have all vehicles out of the gutters to allow us to access them.

If anyone is interested in having these people cleaning their driveway or walkway or side walk while they are here, you can contact Stan at Pressure Perfect, directly at 941-302-3405, and make your own arrangements.

Thank you for your co-operation.

Fall 2016 Reminders:

  • PETS: Pick up after dogs.
  • LIGHTING: It is getting darker earlier and the days shorter, please check your light standards to make sure they are lighting up. If you notice an FPL Street light is out, please contact FPL at 917-0708 and report the closest address if there is no number on the post. We have had some more vehicle break ins and the more lighting we have the more of a deterrent it is for thieves.
    Halloween is coming… Safety First!
  • GARBAGE: Garbage and recycle bins cannot be put out until after 4 on Monday, and has to be taken in before 10 am Wednesday. Also please secure your recyclables as much as possible to help the contents from blowing all over the street on windy days.

    Someone has been dropping items for garbage in people’s driveways in the early hours of the morning – like 4 or 5ish. If you are out early, please keep your eyes open for this and report.

  • MAINTENANCE: We have the paint for your mailbox posts at Gary’s house. If you are going to touch up your post, please contact Gary and he will provide the paint for you. The posts are to be the same color as the front wall according to our docs. Gary’s contact info can be found here on our web site. Any exterior changes to your home or property must be approved by the Modication Committee prior to any work being done. You can request a Modication Request Form from diane@yorkmarathon.com or here on our website. Go to the modication tab to contact any of the members, the form is also located at the bottom of that page.
  • COMMUNITY REAL ESTATE: In the last 6 months we have had 5 sales. Right now we have only 1 for sale and 1 active with contract.
  • UP-COMING: Power washing the Palmer wall. Homeowners who back onto Palmer Boulevard have to make sure that all shrubbery, tree branches, and vines are not touching the wall. These items endanger the integrity of the wall and it is extremely expensive to repair, patch, and paint. We will be coming through next week to check, prior to power washing the wall. We would like to get this done by end of month. Exact date TBA. A second notice will be sent out a few days before.
  • VOLUNTEERS: Please volunteer – we have several places where you could be of service. There are board positions available. We are trying to form a social committee. There is a vacancy on the modication committee and on the ning committee.

    Get involved and meet the neighbors!

That’s it for now – Thank you! Your Board of Directors.


  • Friendly Reminders

    Remember, dogs must be kept on leashes at all times. Please abide by this rule for the safety of your dog, your neighbors and your neighbors dogs. Even a friendly dog could endanger a child on a bike or scooter. And don't forget to always pick up after your dog.

    Any vehicles with commercial advertising must be stored in the garage for overnight parking. Ladders must be removed from work vehicles for overnight parking.

    Our subdivision is scheduled for trash and recycling pick-up on Tuesdays. According to Waste Management and Sarasota County, no trash is to be placed curdside until 4:00 pm the day before pick-up.

    Please check your post lights.

  • Parking / Mailboxes

    Please remember, there is no parking allowed on the grass anywhere in the Meadow Walk Subdivision. Although you are legally allowed to park vehicles at curbside we urge you to try and avoid parking overnight on the street for safety reasons. Please refer to the Meadow Walk By-Laws for specific details.

    We've received a friendly request from our mail carrier asking that residents not block the mailboxes. This includes parking in front of or too close to the box.

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