In anticipation of the next board meeting, we have a few things to bring to your attention beforehand.

First, as you already know, the entry way to Meadow Walk is being renovated. A lot of work is still needed. However, as a cost savings measure, we are looking for volunteers to plant the island. The HOA will buy the plants, but help with planting would give us some measure of control over how plants are placed. If you have an interest, please come to the board meeting, or notify Frank,

Second, we need to update our governing documents. Anyone interested in helping can contact me. My contact info is below. We are hoping to have an attorney on retainer to advise us on the process. This could be something of a long term project, but the more help, the faster we can get things done.

Third, right now Frank is our president and treasurer. We are looking for a volunteer to take on the role of treasurer. No special qualifications are needed. An interest in setting our annual budget would be helpful. Please let Frank know of your interest.

Fourth, please welcome Nicholas and Lynette Yoder [7398 DCC], who have recently moved to the neighborhood, as well as Raphael Kulawik [1005 MBL].

Finally, we have a number of missing email permission forms, likely related to the new board taking over after the death of Gary. I will be asking you to sign the needed form, by coming to your home, or looking for you at the next board meeting. Your private information is never shared and is used only for HOA business. Your email gives me the easiest, fastest and most cost effective way to inform you of HOA business.

Please Note, the Agenda for the next meeting will be posted here on the HOA website ahead of time.