Monday, December, 16th, 2013 @ 6:00 p.m. Fruitville Library

To all residence and property owners of Meadow Walk
Your presence and participation at our Annual Meeting is essential. It is imperative that we have a quorum (33 residents) to conduct business. Please make it a point to be present and to share your concerns and ideas.

Board of Directors Vacancies:
We have two (2) vacancies on our HOA Board (two) (2) full term. Please seriously consider volunteering to serve a term. We need a complete board to continue functioning successfully.

Not having a full membership or at lease five members on the Board always presents the probability of not having a quorum to conduct official business. Please consider joining our Board of Directors team. This is a volunteer service to our neighborhood and we recognize that the members of the Board also have their personal professions and affairs to attend to. There will be times when one or two members may be unavailable or out of town. A full board will help guarantee a quorum whenever it is needed.

Not having a quorum can result in not being able to meet to officially address our HOA obligations. Such a situation leaves us open to the state intervening and appointing an outside management company, which will ultimately significantly increase the costs to the homeowners. The Florida Statutes provide for such action to occur.