Location: Fruitville Public Library, 6:00 PM

Call to Order: Joe Stewart called the meeting to order at 6:00 pm.

Quorum of board members was met: Joe Stewart, Frank De Steno, David Johnson, and Mary Lynn Endter. A quorum of homeowners was not met: twenty HOA members were present, with 6 proxies.

Tribute to Gary Walsh: Gary Walsh, the president of the Association, recently died very suddenly. Gary served as president of the HOA for about 13 years. Gary was responsible for getting us back into the black by participating actively in the foreclosures of homes in the Association during the 2008 housing crisis. Gary cared very much for our community, and while we knew a lot of what he did, none of us knows everything he did. Gary’s memorial service will be on January 1, 2022, at St. Margaret of Scotland Episcopal Church. The membership observed a moment of silence in tribute to Gary.

Financial Report: Joe reported we are in good financial shape. However, with the rising costs of operating, specifically the landscaping costs which went from $15,600 to $18,480, it was necessary to raise the annual dues from $600 to $660, an increase of $5.00 per month. Joe has arranged for a proposal to have the entrance to Meadow Walk redesigned, including the removal of the dead tree. The specifics of the project will be discussed at the next meeting. Joe will email plans to anyone who wants them. Vivia Martin and Nancy Woodrow voiced concerns that the project is done well and reasonably priced. Sue Shkrab and LaNae Duchesneau mentioned that the south pond is collapsing in places and does not appear to be getting regular service. The service to the ponds is under warranty. Once Joe has the addresses of the affected homes, he will contact the landscaping service. Joel Di Liberti said that the pond water seems cloudy. Frank said the small ponds have a problem with algae blooms, a natural process because of yard fertilizer flowing into them.

Budget Report: Diane Treharne explained that we have $4,000 in the operating account, enough to cover December expenses. The reserves have $43,000 which is in line with the budget set by Gary and the board at the last budget meeting. We have $13,000 in deferred maintenance; $5,000 for the well pump; and, $20,000 in wall maintenance. The budget includes a new item called “infrastructure” to be funded with $3,500 over the next 2 years. As of now, 3 homeowners have paid no dues or only partial dues. Finally, the HOA governing documents need to be redone over the next 2 years.

Old Business: The wreaths were hung at the entrance but need to be plugged in. The wreaths will be replaced next year. The new wreaths will be kept in storage to better preserve them.

Homeowners Comments: LaNae said that at one time the HOA kept a booklet of the membership names, phone numbers, etc. She would like to see the booklet done again. LaNae also said it would be nice to bring back the yearly picnic. Joel asked if the due date for the annual dues could be changed. Diane said that would require the legal process of amending the governing documents. Frank asked that the members pay their dues in a lump sum, as multiple payments cause a lot of extra work for the treasurer and Diane. Al and Denise West introduced themselves as new to the neighborhood. Each member then introduced themselves.

New Business: LaNae will head a Social Committee to work on the membership booklet and the annual picnic. She will find members to help her. Frank and Mary Lynn will form a committee to revise the governing documents. Anyone interested in helping should let one of them know.

Election to the Board of Directors: Nick Stine sent his written request to be appointed to the board. Nick was appointed to the board. Nancy Woodrow and Vivia Martin also volunteered to be on the board. The board appointed Nancy, and provisionally appointed Vivia, *depending on the maximum number of directors allowed by the governing documents.

Adjournment: The meeting was adjourned at 6:45. [The next meeting date: March 9, 2022.]

NOTE: Article VI of the Articles of Incorporation allows the number of board members to not be more than nine.