6:00 pm: Joe Stewart opened the meeting. Mary Lynn Endter, Vivia Martin, Nick Stine, Craig Rapihana, and by phone Nancy Woodrow, were present, representing a quorum. In addition, Diane Treharne and LaNae Duchesneau attended.

Meeting Minutes: The minutes of the Board Meeting held on March 3, 2023, were unanimously approved.

Entry way update: The irrigation is complete. We have a budget of $3,500 available for plants/shrubs. Craig has a contractor who will do the work within budget.

Insurance rate: Our liability insurance premium has gone up by about $400 over the budgeted amount. The board agreed that this could be paid from the balance of $2,000 left in the MRTA account.

No trespassing signs: Non-residents have been fishing in our ponds. No trespassing signs should help to keep them out. Diane agreed to contact King Signs to see if they still have the signs once made for us. If so, they will be posted. This will give the homeowners authority to oust any trespassers although we do not encourage confrontations. The ponds are meant for the use of homeowners, guests and tenants.

Storm Water Management System: The inspection is due by the end of August. The Board agreed to use the same contractor and to pay the bill of $275.00.

Raymond Road Development: A complex of 320 homes has been proposed for Raymond Rd south of Palmer. This project is still in the planning stages. If and when construction begins, our homeowners should be aware of the potential for vermin to be dislocated and coming our way.

Other business: Craig proposed that the board use an instant phone text messaging system to alert homeowners of potential issues/problems as they arise. Craig and Joe will manage this.

Nancy brought it to our attention that some boys may have been baiting alligators in the ponds. This is definitely illegal and will be reported to the proper authorities. Nancy is also aware that some one may be dumping yard and other waste in the ponds. This is prohibited.

Homeowners should know that they are to keep the lamp posts in their front yards lit, that mailboxes should be in good repair, and yard maintenance kept up.

Meeting adjourned 7:00: (Next Meetings is scheduled for Wed., Sept. 13, the Annual Membership Meeting for Tiues. December 5.