Meadow Walk Homeowners’ Association
Board of Directors Meeting
Minutes: March 9, 2022
Fruitville Library 6:00 pm

6:00 pm: Frank De Steno called the meeting to Order. A quorum was met: Frank, Joe Stewart, Mary Lynn Endter, Nancy Woodrow, Vivia Martin, and Nick Stine. Frank opened the meeting by thanking Joe for the work he has done to update the HOA web page.

Meeting Minutes: The minutes of both board meetings held on December 8, 2021, were unanimously approved.

Entrance to Meadow Walk: Frank said that the entry island will be leveled on Friday, with the removal of the trees and plantings, leaving the boulders and street light. The plan is to install irrigation, three foxtail palms, and mulch for weed control. Frank asked the board to fund this phase of the project from deferred maintenance and the tree removal reserve. The board unanimously approved using $3,000 from deferred maintenance and $2,200 from tree trimming. Nancy asked if the two live palms could be sold. Frank said that was so complicated as to make it nearly impossible. Frank noted that the completion of the entry island may require a special assessment of a few hundred dollars. Nancy would like future contracts for tree trimming to be re-evaluated.

Dead Shrubs: Frank got an estimate of $3,000 to remove all of the shrubs and to replace them with some odd species, but that is too expensive within the current budget. A second estimate to remove and replace only the dead shrubs and to repair the irrigation is needed.

Financial Report: Frank noted that we are in balance but that eight homeowners are delinquent with their annual dues assessment. The question is whether we can impose a fine. Our legal documents provide for interest of 18%. Diane is planning to send notices to the delinquent homeowners that a lien will be placed on their property. The cost of this process, including Diane’s fee, will be paid by the delinquent homeowners as part of the lien recovery process.

Other business: The HOA mailbox fee is due in May. The Christmas wreaths will be going into the trash. The storage unit is very small and contains only 2 banker boxes. At the cost of $80.00 a month, Frank suggested we relinquish the locker. The board members agreed. The garage sale will be held on April 9th. Joe will put a notice on the web page and buy signs to place at the entry. LaNae Duchesneau will advertise it on other social media. Mary Lynn will set the general annual homeowners’ meeting date.

Social Committee: LaNae [with her cohorts] has collected the names, addresses, emails, etc., from all but eight homeowners. This information will be put into booklet form. LaNae would like to see some other activities to create camaraderie in the community, such as a block party, or a summer picnic.

Adjournment: The meeting was adjourned at 6:55 pm. [next meeting date: June 8, 2022]