An email was sent out this past Friday, Dec., 31 containing an Invoice for your 2022 HOA Fees. That email also contained a link that for the first time will allow residents to pay their yearly HOA Fee online. I’m sure I speak for everyone when I say thank you to Diane Treharne for making this possible.

Annual Assessments are due by January 1 2022 and are considered late as of February 1, 2022. Please make checks payable to Meadow Walk HOA for $660.00, and mail to the PO Box below, OR Drop a check at 1010 Meadow Breeze Lane OR 7302 Deer Crossing Court.

Mailing Address:
Meadow Walk HOA, P.O. Box 51533, Sarasota FL 34232


If you pay by Check or E-check via a direct bank transfer you will not be charged the Merchant Services Charge of $25. If you choose to pay by credit card we’ll have to pass along the Merchant Services Charge of $25 to you.