Celery Fields Regional Stormwater Facility Expansion

palmermap_300px2The purpose of this project is to provide floodplain storage, reduce flooding and improve the quality of water flowing from the stormwater facility to the bay. The project is designed to reduce street and structure flooding of 15 homes downstream of Phillippi Creek. After construction is complete the area will continue to be a passive recreation facility for public use. Planned as part of the construction are:

  • Walking trails around the perimeter of the facility
  • An improved walking and bike trail on the proposed observation hill
  • Expanded parking area at the gazebo
  • During construction, the existing parking and gazebo area will be closed to public use. Alternative parking is available at Ackerman Park and Fruitville Library. Additionally, various sidewalks in the area and portions of the Celery Fields facility will be closed for public safety durning construction.

    While the stormwater project is under construction, two other county projects will be underway in the same area. A temporary fire rescue station will be built at the intersection of Apex and Palmer roads and the wooden bridge on Raymond Road will be replaced with a new concrete structure. A permanent fire station will be constructed at the Apex and Palmer site beginning in 2011.

    Construction of this project requires the use of heavy machinery and earthmoving equipment. Ther will be a temporary detour at South Leewynn Drive for a pipe replacement. The traveling public should expect other minor traffic detours and inconveniences with construction equipment transiting the project area along Palmer, Center, Apex, Raymond and Coburn roads.

    Work will begin in late summer 2009, and is expected to be completed in late 2010.

    All areas will be restored to their original or better conditions following completion of the work. A detailed video of all properties along the route will be produced prior to construction to ensure all areas are restored to pre-construction conditions.

    Cost of the project is $7.2 million. Funding is through a combination of Southwest Florida Water Management District grant funds, a Florida Department of Environmental Protection 319 grant and the existing Phillippi Creek basin stormwater capital improvement assessments.