November 22nd, 2007 – These past few weeks have seen an escalating number of incidents involving the deliberate damage and destruction to private property right here in our Meadow Walk community.

Landscape lighting smashed and destroyed, furniture overturned or thrown in the lake, lawnmowers taken and found a block away, property tossed up on roofs, post lights smashed.

Nuisance incidents, deliberate vandalism, teenage pranks, call it what you will but people are being hurt. The Sarasota Sheriffs Department has been notified and law enforcement officials living in the neighborhood are aware of the situation as well. One officer himself was a victim of this vandalism and believe me he’s not about to let it stand.

Officials tell us this behavior is coming from inside our own neighborhood and sooner or later they will be caught in the act and the parents of these perpetrators will shoulder the responsibility for those actions.

I ask every parent with children of an age where this behavior is sometimes common to have a talk with your children. Everyone in the community suffers from these mindless acts of destruction, let’s put an end to it now.

If you have and knowledge of these or any other incidents, or know who may be involved, please contact any of the HOA board members. Your information will be held in the strictest of confidence. Let’s nip these sort of behavior in the bud, remember this is your community… it’s where we live.