Work commenced on the cleaning, repair and restoration of the Meadow Walks outer wall along Palmer Blvd. the beginning of this month. The outside of the wall was cleaned and treated with a mold retardant by Frank Briandi of ‘Frankie B’ Power Washing. Frank did a fine job cleaning and removing the mold spores along the outer section of the wall. The project was then handed over to new Meadow Walk resident Jim McDonnell of ‘McDonnell Painting Contractors’, Jim has already completed the cleaning, mold removal and repairs on the entire inter surface of the wall and will begin repairs on the outer surface next week. The repairs on the outer wall are proving to be much more extensive than those required on the interior. After all the repair work is completed the wall will receive a sparking coat of new paint in it’s original two-tone color scheme of Cocoa Sand with an accent lighter color along the top of the wall. Jim did a marvelous job on that interior section of the wall and is doing the work at a substantially discounted price for the entire Meadow Walk community. As Jim said it’s his “way of saying hello to all his new neighbors.” Thanks Jim, we appreciate the quality, craftsmanship and great price you’ve given us. As a footnote Jim and his wife Martina moved into Kevin and Marina Diners former home at 7358 Deer Crossing just a few weeks ago and anyone wishing to contact Jim can call ‘McDonnell Painting Contractor’s’ at (941-894-5363).