The third scheduled HOA meeting of the year was held last evening, Tuesday, June 26th, at the Fruitville library.

A Treasurer’s Report was distributed as well as Meadow Walk’s 2007 Budget Report and Profit & Loss Statement.

Chaz Allen noted that Betsy Dane did an excellent job on the accounting and all documentation was reconciled through ’06. Chaz put all the information into Quickbooks and it’s available to all Meadow Walk residents to view. In ’06 we had $3,200 in unpaid dues. Chaz is contacting homeowners directly by phone to request immediate payment. There is a discrepency of $800 from the bank in regards to homeowners dues. Chaz is trying to reconcile. Homeowner’s have been very responsive with the exception of a few. As a reminder, homeowner’s are able to view overdue homeowner’s dues on the MW website. Many thanks to Chaz for putting a lot of time and effort into getting this information into QuickBooks. Chaz is looking to moving our banking to Bank of America due to problems with current bank.