The largest affordable housing project ever undertaken in Sarasota county is proposed for Palmer Blvd. The proposal would add an additional 1488 homes to the existing 1688 homes in our area.

The traffic on Palmer Blvd. will more then double and our roads will need to be expanded. The home inventory issue in Sarasota County will increase, and what affect will this have on home values in our area. Overcrowding will become an issue in our schools. This should be a concern for all of us here in Meadow Walk.

‘Consider the affects of this project on our neighborhood’

There will be a vote on this proposal by the County Commissioners on August 29th. Please take this seriously and e-mail your county commissioners and voice your concern. This project will not have a positive impact on our community.

Laurel Meadows has a newsletter posted online with a lot of information on the proposed Palmer Place project. You can view thar PDF file by clicking here.

View Sarasota Herald Tribune atiicle by clicking here.

Your e-mail could make the difference.
Below are the e-mail address of our County Commissioners.

  • Joe Barbetta:
  • Nora Patterson:
  • Jon Thaxton:
  • Paul Mercier:
  • Shannon Staub:
  • The President and Board of Directors of the Meadow Walk HOA urge you to contact these County Commisioners today.