As some of you know, those crazy creatives at the HuB are up to their antics again. First they wanted to help entrepreneurs, artists and unemployed professionals build new businesses in our region – and then they went off and attracted thousands of people to shop and dine downtown with their I LOVE DOWNTOWN campaign and VINYL MUSIC FESTIVAL. Now, wouldn’t you know it – they want to improve the Rosemary District.
Why? Some people would say “If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it”… what is so wrong with the boarded up windows, vacant buildings and tumbleweeds slowly rolling in front of the businesses?”

They may have a point. The Rosemary District has a few unique qualities. It is the only business district that has no noise issues (because noone comes to the area to shop, dine and play). It is also one of the few business districts where rent and property value is declining rapidly (which is a big plus for growth opportunities in affordable housing, shelters and other economic drivers). So why mess with it? Why does the HuB want to bring in a “park” to make the area “beautiful and attractive to residents and businesses?”

All a park is going to do – is bring more people to our business district, who probably want to eat, drink and hang out (ugggh) – so that just means more work for the businesses in the area (and less time we can spend on Facebook). And who wants that? And not to mention, it will probably get the residents out of their houses to enjoy things like theater and music in the park. And that’s all we need (uggh) – more people enjoying the arts… we need to keep “those people” contained south of Fruitville. We don’t want that type of “pollution” coming across the border… that would just attract businesses, consumers and probably investors to the area…. and they may never leave!!!!

Just look at what happens when a city develops a park. The statistics are out there… The American Planning Association published results proving exactly what we are afraid of…. PARKS increase municipality revenues, improve property values, reduce crime and are an economic stimulant for business districts that lack a public destination. I rest my case. If we let this happen, this would absolutely destroy the brand and perception of the Rosemary District. All the work that has been put into the district to make it what it is today, would be thrown out the window (if it wasn’t boarded up).

We just hope the businesses and residents of the Rosemary District find a way to work together on this issue, because we need to stop these renegades at the HuB once and for all. Who do they think they are trying to get people jobs, drive economic development and improve our city and community?

Why can’t they just close down, board up their windows, and leave the neighborhood like everyone else?

(This article was written by Rich Swier Jr, who tends to use sarcasm as a passive aggressive technique to make a point. Despite this flaw, he is very open and willing to discuss details of the Park in a serious forum.)