On March 16th, there will be a vote throughout Sarasota county to determine if we will continue to provide our children with a better than the average Florida education. Citizens for Better Schools (CBS), is a political action committee dedicated to continuing Sarasota County’s history of educational excellence. Our goal is simple, continue the 1 mill we currently pay to protect our schools’ classrooms. Approval is not a tax increase and will not raise our taxes. Together we can preserve the quality of our schools and protect our quality of life. Our investment in education pays us many times over.

The students who are in classrooms today are our future doctors, nurses, accountants, attorneys, computer technicians, artists, pharmacy workers, auto mechanics, plumbers, and carpenters. They are the future work force we will need and depend upon. They are the future of our community. Our investment in education supports our property values. There is no community that has failing schools that has stable property values! For more information, to volunteer to help or make a donation, please visit www.sarasotacbs.com