Tonight, 2 separate meetings will be held locally to discuss potential zoning changes that may have an impact on your property value and quality of life here in Meadow Walk.

Proposed Recycling Center Scheduled for Monday, Jan., 30th @6:00pm

A developer has proposed a plan to develop a recycling center at the corner of Palmer Boulevard & Porter Road. This is less than one mile away from our community, due west of the Meadow Walk main entrance. Apparently, this parcel is already approved to be developed into a waste transfer station, and the developer, TST Ventures, LLC, hopes to modify the parcel’s zoning so that the recycling center can be developed there as well.

Recycling Center: Sarasota Palmer Boulevard

Would a waste transfer station & recycling center be good for our neighborhood?

As you might imagine, a waste transfer station & recycling center may bring with it smells and noise which are guaranteed to not be appealing. Since our community is the one closest to this center, it behooves us to be actively involved in the discussion.

Monday, Jan., 30th meeting takes place at 6pm at the Church of Hope.
The address is 1560 Wendell Kent Rd, Sarasota, FL 34240 (Click here for a Google map)

You can see the information filed by the developer here.

It should be noted that TST Ventures, LLC has previously attempted to develop a similar project on a different parcel at 700 Cattlemen Road, and was unsuccessful.

Proposed Restaurant Depot

The other meeting that takes place this evening is a “Neighborhood Workshop” to discuss a zoning change at Palmer Boulevard and Apex Road. The change is being requested by a developer who proposes to build a “Restaurant Depot” on the northwest corner of that intersection.

This meeting takes place at 6pm at Tatum Ridge Elementary School.

Check out the information filed by the developer here.

If you have questions or comments about these meetings, let’s have a discussion on Facebook.