The ongoing MW wall restoration project along Palmer Blvd. is now complete. Jim McDonnell, our painting contractor as well as one of Meadow Walk’s newest residents put the finishing touches on the wall over the Memorial Day weekend. The project itself proved much more challenging and labor intensive then originally conceived. Thousands of cracks in various sizes were discovered, repaired and sealed during the process with the entire wall then sealed using an approved Benjamin Moore sealant product before the final coat of paint was applied. The use of the Benjamin Moore sealer brings with it a 7 year warranty.
The new two-tone paint scheme mirrors the original look and feel of the wall circa 2001. The board would like to thank Jim McDonnell for all the attention and care he put into the project. Nice job Jim, it looks great. Anyone wishing to contact Jim McDonnell about any painting projects either interior or exterior can reach him by phone at 941.894.5363 or by e-mail at