November 30, 2022 – Fruitville Public Library, 6:00 PM

This is the Official Notice of the Annual Meeting of the Membership of Meadow Walk HOA. Your presence and participation at the HOA Annual Meeting is essential. If you cannot be present at the meeting please prepare a Proxy. Proxy forms were handed out along with this notice to each homeowner. Once your Proxy is prepared, please drop it off at 1025 Meadow Breeze Ln.

We cannot vote on matters if we don’t have a quorum of members, either by your presence or your proxy. The agenda will be finalized and posted on this website before the meeting. The Agenda will include the budget for 2023; a raise in annual dues; an update on the entry project and its funding; a homeowner’s objection to her property lien and its cost; notice of governing document violations; the painting of the perimeter wall; the forming of a gardening committee; the need for a buffer zone around ponds; and any other matters that may arise between now and the final agenda.

Board Members are Volunteers. Right now we have 6 Board Members. If you have an interest in sitting on the Board, please speak up at the meeting. The goal is to have enough Board Members so that we always have a Quorum at the three regularly scheduled meetings durning the year and the Annual Meeting at the end of the tear. The current Board consist of Frank DeSteno, President:; Joe Stewart, Vice President; Nancy Woodrow, Treasurer; Mary Lynn Endter, Secretary; Vivia Martin, and Nick Stine, Board Members at Large.

If you have concerns that you would like the Board to discuss, please send them to Frank DeSteno: before the meeting.