• PETS: Pick up after dogs.
  • LIGHTING: It is getting darker earlier and the days shorter, please check your light standards to make sure they are lighting up. If you notice an FPL Street light is out, please contact FPL at 917-0708 and report the closest address if there is no number on the post. We have had some more vehicle break ins and the more lighting we have the more of a deterrent it is for thieves.
    Halloween is coming… Safety First!
  • GARBAGE: Garbage and recycle bins cannot be put out until after 4 on Monday, and has to be taken in before 10 am Wednesday. Also please secure your recyclables as much as possible to help the contents from blowing all over the street on windy days.

    Someone has been dropping items for garbage in people’s driveways in the early hours of the morning – like 4 or 5ish. If you are out early, please keep your eyes open for this and report.

  • MAINTENANCE: We have the paint for your mailbox posts at Gary’s house. If you are going to touch up your post, please contact Gary and he will provide the paint for you. The posts are to be the same color as the front wall according to our docs. Gary’s contact info can be found here on our web site. Any exterior changes to your home or property must be approved by the Modication Committee prior to any work being done. You can request a Modication Request Form from diane@yorkmarathon.com or here on our website. Go to the modication tab to contact any of the members, the form is also located at the bottom of that page.
  • COMMUNITY REAL ESTATE: In the last 6 months we have had 5 sales. Right now we have only 1 for sale and 1 active with contract.
  • UP-COMING: Power washing the Palmer wall. Homeowners who back onto Palmer Boulevard have to make sure that all shrubbery, tree branches, and vines are not touching the wall. These items endanger the integrity of the wall and it is extremely expensive to repair, patch, and paint. We will be coming through next week to check, prior to power washing the wall. We would like to get this done by end of month. Exact date TBA. A second notice will be sent out a few days before.
  • VOLUNTEERS: Please volunteer – we have several places where you could be of service. There are board positions available. We are trying to form a social committee. There is a vacancy on the modication committee and on the ning committee.

    Get involved and meet the neighbors!

That’s it for now – Thank you! Your Board of Directors.