Below is the Agenda for this coming Wednesday’s HOA meeting. This is the third of four meetings scheduled for this year and all interested residents are invited to attend. Ss usual the meeting will be held at the Fruitville Public Library and begins at 6:30 p.m.

AGENDA FOR 9/30/09
Read/Accept minutes of last meeting
Acknowledge correspondence and read into minutes if necessary.

Treasures report:
A. Status of payments for 2009.
B. Bank balance.
C. Mailing of statements for second half of 2009 & response.
D. Liens on foreclosed properties

Modification committee:

Old Business:

A. Status on Lawn service contract
B. Status on lakes and littoral shelf.
C. status on having lawn service price the fixing up of center island @ entrance

New business:
A. charging empty homes fee’s for cutting grass
B. Send letters to home owners and banks about maintaining yards and homes.
C. Change number of days a boat or trailer can be parked in driveway,(also applies to commercial vehicles)

Any pressing issues or comments from members in attendance.
Adjourn by 8:00 p.m.