As you have noticed, the front entrance to the development has been redone. We have discussed a “makeover” for the last two years. In July we solicited bids from local companies. Bids ran as high as $14,000. One company presented plans for $4200 which met all that we needed done. At the meeting on September 27th, the board voted to have the work done.

The plants that have been installed are the type that can both withstand Florida heat and provide some color. The contractor removed all the lava rock as it has been the source of playful tossing by the students waiting for the bussses in the morning.

It was also discussed that a message would be sent to everyone asking that the children at the bus stop not walk in or damage the new plantings. We ask everyone to be observant when coming into or out of the development. If you see the children doing any damage, please tell them to stop. The work was funded by our annual maintenance fees, which means that each and every one of us contributed to this project, We want this notice to have a positive spin, but please know that we feel obliged to let you know that in order to be fair to everyone in the community, we will have to charge the parents of any child doing damage to the entrance area with the cost of repair.

We hope everyone likes the new entrance and we ask that you provide feedback to the board.

    Meadow Walk Board of Directors
    Gary, David, Tomas, Lanae & Betsy