The Meeting will be called to order @ 6:30 PM

Secretaries Report:
Read/Accept minutes of last meeting. Acknowledge correspondence and read into minutes if necessary.

Treasures Report:
A. Status of payments for 2009 & 2010.
B. Bank balance.
C. Number of homes whose HOA fee’s are in arrears.
D. Liens on foreclosed properties. Small claims court cases.
E. Status of court actions against foreclosures. Review open foreclosures.

Modification Committee:
A: Go over plans approved this year.
B: Explain that all items must be shared via meeting with all committee members. Items in violation of our documents must be presented to the whole Board of Directors.

Old Business:
A. Front entrance new plantings and fix up.
B. Status on lakes and littoral shelf.
C: Maintenance on front wall
D. County responsibility for cleaning and repairing front wall and homes backing up to Raymond road.

New Business:
A. Letters to home owners for deed restriction violations.
1. Maintaining yards and plants/scrubs
2. exterior lights (lawn post) out or damaged
B. Police activity regarding some “drug activity” in Meadow Walk.

Any pressing issues or comments from members in attendance.
Adjourn by 7:45 pm