Notice of Annual Meeting

To be held:
December 12th, 2018
Fruitville Library
5:30 p.m


Your presence and participation at our Annual Meeting is essential. It is imperative that we have a quorum to conduct business. Please make it a point to be present and to share your concerns and ideas.

If you are attending the meeting, your ballot will be handed to you at sign in. Bring any proxies with you that your neighbors might have given you and they will be exchanged for a ballot at sign in. This will allow for any nominations from the floor.

Board of Directors Vacancies:

We will have two (2) vacancies on our HOA board. Please seriously consider volunteering to serve a two-year term. We need a complete board to continue functioning successfully. Enclosed are Candidate forms. Please fill out the forms and mail them to Meadow Walk HOA, Inc., P.O. Box 51533, Sarasota, FL 34232, or save a stamp and walk them over to Gary Walsh at 1033 Meadow Breeze Lane, or email to, by December 10, 2018. Not having a full membership of at least five members on the Board always presents the probability of not having a quorum to conduct official business. Please consider joining our Board of Directors team. This is a volunteer service to our neighborhood and we recognize that the members of the Board also have their personal professions and affairs to attend to. There will be times when one or two members may be unavailable or out of town. A full board will help guarantee a quorum whenever needed. Not having a quorum can result in not being able to meet to officially address our HOA obligations.

Download the Meeting Packet for a Candidate Form

Funds and Budget:

Funds: Current funds available will cover payables and expenses through the end of 2018.

Budget: We have projected our 2019 budget to cover contingencies, increasing costs and any other special project expenses for our community of Meadow Walk; the budget will be discussed at the annual meeting.

Assessment of Homeowners Dues:

The 2018 HOA fee was $600 annually. The Board agreed to revisit whether the fees could be reduced for the 2019 annual fees, which was discussed at the last Board meeting. Since our costs have remained at the same level as our previous year, our projections indicate that the annual dues for 2019 should continue to beĀ $600.00 per Lot. In this way, we will be able to have monies for work on the banks around the lakes and bring the preserve back into compliance.

Collection of Assessment Dues:

Our bylaws specify that the full annual assessment is due and payable every January of the new calendar year.

We ask all of you, our neighbors, to please come to this very important meeting.

We look forward to seeing you.

Your Meadow Walk HOA Board,

Gary Walsh, Diane Treharne, Sharon Stringer, Rita Bennett, Mary Lynn Endter, and David Johnson