The Force is with Volkswagen

One look at Meadow Walk’s deserted streets just after kickoff of yesterday’s Super Bowl showed most residents were gathered around their TV screens watching the game, and those hugely entertaining commercials. Was the Darth Vader Super Bowl commercial the best of the 2011 Super Bowl spots? It seems that the Force was with Volkswagen this year, making the pint sized Darth Vader and the 2012 Passat a hit.

The commercial was popular days before the Super Bowl, however. Volkswagen released the spot early and it made its way around Twitter and Facebook mid-week, quickly gaining applause. At last glance, the ad has been viewed more than 16 million times.

Of course, Star Wars fans are applauding the commercial that not only features little Darth Vader but the musical score from the Star Wars movies playing in the background. There’s just a broad appeal to this commercial that some of the other ad spots lacked.

The Darth Vader commercial may not have been everyone’s favorite, but it certainly seems to be the most talked about on the social networks.