Minutes: 03/29/2010

March 29, 2010, 6:30 PM at the Fruitville Branch of the Sarasota Public Library

Directors Present: Gary Walsh, Joe Stewart, Janet Dunay, Shana Bickel, La Nae Duchesneau: Meeting called to order at 6:35 p.m.

Status of HOA dues was discussed-
There is a little accounting in 2009 left to clean up the books. We are in pretty good shape financially. We are charging non-payers interest and fees if they are late, this includes the banks if they own the properties.
We went over who is past due and when we can expect the payments. As of today we have $29,118.75 in the bank. We are doing well with our collections. We have had 2 more foreclosures since our annual meeting bringing us up to 9 active foreclosures right now.

We are pushing the banks to move forward with these foreclosures so we can collect HOA fees. Others, who are past due, we are taking to small claims court. We have $8941.12 in outstanding HOA dues with these extra fees incurred.

Modification Committee-
With the passing of Eddie Martin, we are one short on the modification committee. We need a volunteer to fill this position. Diane volunteered at the meeting. Thank you Diane and Welcome Aboard!
Don’t forget, modification forms are available on the internet.

The Front Entrance to our Community-
Gary spoke about the front entrance. It was discussed to take out the small shrubs, lower the grade of the mound, and put in ground cover. This would be easier to take care of and have a more elegant feel to it. Kids are still breaking the sprinkler heads and it was discussed these new improvements will offer less opportunity for breakage and require less expense and upkeep while still looking nice.

Joe announced we are now in complete compliance with the county. We hired TJW in January, and in February they fixed our wetlands to get us in compliance-the county had been threatening to fine us for noncompliance till certain issues were resolved. Our community is now set on this issue for the next 4 years. We saved money from this switch of companies, but still intend to ask for lower rates with the current economy, and we are going to ask them if we can go to bi-monthly on these inspections instead of monthly.
Joe toured the sprinkler heads, the wall, and the wetlands last week and everything is in good order.

It was brought up that there is a pothole on the corner of Deer Crossing Court and Meadow Breeze. Gary is going to call the county and try to get that fixed.

Dirt from Construction Site across the Street-
It was mentioned that a lot of dirt and dust is coming into our neighborhood from the surrounding construction. The county has been called and they said, “they would take care of it.”

Violation of HOA Rules-
There are some households not in compliance with the HOA rules and regulations. There are work trucks in driveways, vehicles parked on the grass, outdoor post lights that aren’t on, and lawns that aren’t being cut on a regular basis- letters will be going out to these violators soon.

Break Ins-
There have been break ins in the Enclave next door so it is especially important to have front lights on.

Annual Tag Sale-
Lastly it is time for our annual tagsale on April 17th, which is a Saturday, and it will be held from 8am until 1pm. Please participate. There will be fliers going out soon in your mailbox to make this announcement. The Enclave is having their tagsale the same weekend so we will get extra traffic. We will be advertising the event on Craig’s List.

Meeting was adjourned at 7:50 p.m.