Minutes: 02/28/2008

February 28, 2008, 6:30 PM at the Fruitville Branch of the SarasotaPpublic Library

Directors Present: Gary Walsh, Joe Stewart, Dolly Fenix
Called to order at 6:30 p.m.

1.0 Secretary’s Report:

1.1 Minutes from the last meeting on September 26, 2007 were approved at 6:40 p.m.

1.2 Communications via email were acknowledged from the following residents: Dina Hyman, Deb Salisbury, Janet Dunay. Matters pertaining to these communications were taken up at the appropriate part of the agenda.

2.0 Treasurer’s Report: Chaz Allen formally resigned as Treasurer on February 20, 2008 due to health reasons. Chaz’s persistent efforts at bringing the Meadow Walk financial records and systems to its current up-to-date and retrievable condition was acknowledged and highly commended. Having been given the Treasurer files, Gary Walsh gave the report on the current financial situation and other related matters.

2.1 Status of Payments for the First Quarter of 2008:

2.1.1 Gary Walsh reported that the Meadow Walk Treasury is in good shape. Homeowner’s dues accounts are up-to-date as of the first quarter of 2008, to include one delinquent account payment.

Discussion:A good number of homeowners opted to pay the full annual payment of $450. for 2008, while others are paying quarterly. Comment was made by Dina Hyman (2/17/08 email) that the new policy of charging a $5. processing fee for each quarterly payment would be inconsiderate of the difficulties some may be facing given the current economic climate. Deb Salisbury noted that the by-laws state that annual dues should be paid by January 1, and considered late as of February 1 of the current year. This matter will be studied to resolve the issue in a manner consistent with the by-laws, as well as being equitably considerate of the homeowners.

2.1.2 Delinquent Accounts: Delinquent Accounts: Of the three delinquent accounts, one property sent full payment for its arrears just before the meeting and this shall be deposited. A case for collection is being filed with the small claims court on the two remaining delinquent accounts, which properties have been foreclosed. These properties have been liened by the Meadow Walk HOA. The paperwork for these claims is simple enough, and hopefully a hasty and efficient resolution can be done by arbitration. The HOA has to exercise all its options as all funds are needed to ensure operational viability. To protect the HOA‘s interests Deb Salisbury suggested that no liens are released or cancelled until all the legal documents have been filed and the monies due have cleared deposit at the HOA’s bank.

2.2 Bank Accounts and Balance:

2.2.1 Our bank balance stands at $20,964.00. A deposit of $2,437.00 has just been made.

2.2.2 Checks will be prepared for the following expenses: Family LawnCare; Creative Wetlands; reimbursements for street lamp replacement bulbs; front wall power washing. 2.2.3 Bank Accounts: The HOA account is now completely being managed through RBC Centura. Joe Stewart will now close the old account with People’s Bank, making sure that there are no more residual collected funds with that bank.

2.2.3 HOA Tax Returns: HOA tax files showed an IRS demand for Tax Returns Filing for 2004 that had not yet been complied with. Gary Walsh then surmised that returns for 2005 and 2006 had not been filed either. It is helpful that Chaz Allen had brought order into the HOA financial database. Gary will be able to cull the necessary information to give the accountant for the late filings these years yielded no income hence no tax is due. The 2007 tax returns will probably have a payable tax of approximately $275.00 The accountant will charge a fee for only one filing, that of the 2007 returns, and for the letter to IRS asking for forgiveness for the late filings for ‘04, ‘05, and ‘06. He will prepare the other 3 returns for free, since they are very simple. Vivia Martin inquired who the accountant is it is M. Monaghan, who has worked with Meadow Walk in the past.

3.0 Modifications Committee Report: There were no members of the Modificaiton Committee present.

3.1 Approval for extended slab: Deb Salisbury did a follow-up to her request submitted last December. It was for approval of the proposed enlargement of their pool pump slab to accomodate storage of their canoe. The extended slab will be finished off at either end with a decorative fence, high enough and wide enough to conceal the canoe. She received no response to the December request. The request was resubmitted this February. Since the statutory time for a response by the Modifi cations Committee has been exceeded they can proceed with the proposed work.

3.2 Erosion along the lake at the edge of Lot 44: Ben Hilton was to inspect the area and propose the manner and approximate cost that can address this problem. Gary Walsh will follow this up with Ben Hilton.

4.0 Groundskeeping and Common Area Maintenance Report:

4.1 Work on the Front Wall: Joe Stewart reported that Frank Briandi has been contracted to do a two day cleaning project on the wall along Palmer the first week of March. The wall will be power washed, after which it will be sprayed with an anti-micro bacterial spray that will help stave off mildew on the stucco for about 12-18 months. ... After the washing, Joe will see to the patch, repair and repaint work needed on the problematic sections of the wall. Porter Paints gave paint for these problem spots. Maintenance cost of this wall is one of the HOA’s biggest expenses if the whole stretch of 1000 feet is to be undertaken. Residents who abut the wall are asked to help maintain the wall’s finish by regularly trimming plant and tree overgrowths along the wall. This entire undertaking should cost about $2500.

4.2 Littoral Shelf: Creative Wetlands, our contracted monitoring agency sent a report to the county. The results were that we are not in violation but are in compliance by a narrow margin. It was recommended that we do 1% - 2% additional planting to refurbish the area. It was suggested the monitoring service be reassessed as to the the ongoing cost to the HOA and the more sustainable and long-term results we are getting. Gary Walsh will invite someone from the county to share tips on how to care for our littoral shelf. Diane Treharne suggested getting information on a monitoring agency that does work on Longboat Key.

4.2 Mail Box Posts: A follow-up reminder on the mailboxes, the standard white mailboxes are the norm. The mailbox posts, if they are to be repainted have to match the color of our concrete wall. Residents can ask for some of the leftover wall paint from Gary Walsh or Joe Stewart.

4.4 New Business: Vandalism at the front entrance on the mature philodendrons located on the center island destroying years of growth just a few days ago. The neighborhood is advised to be vigilant. We need to identify these perpetrators and put a stop to incidents like these.

4.5 New Business: Main Entrance Center Island Restoration: Joe Stewart and Diane Treharne will procure hardier but attractive ground-cover and specimen plantings , as well as additional lava rock to refurbish the entrance’s center island. The staff of Family Lawn Care will put them in the ground at no cost This is targeted to be completed in 4-5 weeks.

5.0 Other New Business:

5.1 Excessive noise from cars and motorcycles late at night: These disturbances are still happening at even more noticeable levels. These noise disturbances are in violation of county statutes (Code of Ordinances, County of Sarasots, Chapter 54: Sections 54 - 118 Sound Control). The sources of these vehicular noise can be identified and these homes shall be notified. It was suggested that a general reminder be sent to all residents so that everyone is aware of what they might be in violation of, and for neighbors to help encourage and foster cooperation in this matter.

5.2 Roofing tacks in subdivision street: Eddie Martin reported that last month he has had to pick up quite a number of roofing tacks near our entrance street. It looks like this yet another malicious prank being inflicted in our neighborhood. Once again more awareness and vigilance is needed.

5.3 Issue of sheds: A few homes are in violation of where and how a shed is allowed. Sheds are not allowed to be installed or placed along the side of houses. Should sheds be in the back part of the house, they have to be inside a pool cage. Sheds of certain dimensions would need a building permit. It was suggested that all homes be given reminders regarding the issue of sheds and prescribed a period of compliance of 30 days, after which stringent measures will apply.

5.4 Front yard lamp posts: It was noted that a number of homes are not maintaining their front yard lamp posts. They either need to replace the burned out bulbs or replace their light sensors, This is also a matter to remind the neighborhood about.

5.5 Community Yard/Garage Sale: Janet Dunay sent in a suggestion that a community wide yard/garage sale be organized for the neighborhood preferably sometime this Spring. This suggestion was met with favor by by many who were present at the neeting. However, the HOA by-laws only allows a one time garage sale to be held by a resident who is moving out. It was suggested that this matter be further discussed and studied to see how we can have one.

5.6 Additional Board Members: At present our HOA only has three incumbent board members. We are in need of at least two more. Margaret Morrison was asked by the assembly if she might consider accepting a board membership and take on the task as Treasurer. Margaret was gracious to accept the position. Janet Dunay suggested that we post the Board Member vacancy on our website to solicit volunteers.

6.0 Follow-up Action: Towards the end of the meeting a consensus emerged that the following points.

6.1 Notice/Reminder: To the whole neighborhood regarding matters taken up at the meeting: It was strongly suggested that a written HOA notice/reminder for 2008 be sent to the whole neighborhood. While many are availing of and enjoying a really first class and easily navigable HOA website, thanks to our webmaster, Joe Stewart .... many are not yet regularly keeping tab of happenings and issues this way. Hence a 2008 Reminder that will include the following:

  1. HOA dues collection schedule for 2008
  2. Vehicular noise
  3. Sheds
  4. House and trim color
  5. Front yard lamp posts and Street lamps
  6. Vigilance for pranksters

6.2 Individual notices to residents who have issues to resolve or bring to compliance.

6.3 Updating our Documents: Create a special ad-hoc committee comprised of members of the Board and other resident volunteers to revisit the Articles and By-Laws of the HOA and draft an update of any and all articles that will make the documents :

  1. pertain more specifically to a single family home community
  2. be compliance with any new county statutes
  3. modify and/or amend rules and regulations in a reasonable and equitable manner to allow for more resilient parameters that will encourage individual residents and the neighborhood as a whole to maintain and foster sustained and beneficial involvement, cooperation and activities

Note: All this will of course be in consideration of whatever legal processes and protocol needed to be complied with.

Meeting adjourned at 7:50 p.m.