Minutes: 09/26/2007

September 26th 2007, 7:00 PM at the Fruitville Library

Directors Present: Joe Stewart, Chaz Allen, Diane Treharne, Andrea delSanto
Called to order at 7:01pm

Minutes approved from last meeting at 7:06 pm

President’s Report:  Joe Stewart thanked everyone for attending the meeting and briefly discussed the flyer that was anonymously distributed to Homeowners without the Board’s knowledge. Joe acknowledged that information in the flyer was printed out directly from the website. He stated publicly that he felt it was mean-spirited of whomever printed and distributed the flyer. Joe also stated that Chaz Allen's efforts in collecting unpaid HOA dues has been a positive approach that's been working vs. hiring a lawyer.

Joe voiced a special thank you to Eddie Martin for attending the meeting and for all the effort he's put forth over the years on behalf of the Board and the Community. 

Treasurer’s Report:  An updated budget was passed out to attendees. Almost 80% of homeowners are up to date.  We switched banks to RBC Centura due to on-line bill pay and on-line access to account. The bank also paid for new checks and a new deposit stamp. NO Cost was incurred by switching.  People’s Bank is forwarding any payments to our new box.  Box is checked on Thursday, deposit’s are made on Friday.  Homeowner’s have not had a problem with paying late fees. 

Question from Betsy Dane: Are late fees considered taxable income? No, they are considered a part of doing business. 

Statements are run every month with accrued finance charges included. 

A number of people were concerned about non-members having access to MW financial information. The question was asked about whether it is legal to post personal financial information. The decision was made to change the password every quarter and have it distributed to homeowners in person. 

Deb Salisbury expressed her wish that her name not be included on the receivables list even though it was a credit. She insisted upon donating the $25.00 to the association to bring her balance to zero.

Deb S. is dissatisfied with the progress made on collection of the dues.  She feels that a policy and procedure for collection of dues should be instituted. She would like use to be made of the letters that she drafted at no cost to the association. She volunteered to draft a policy for collections. Additionally, she would like to see liens should be placed on homes that are in arrears.

Chaz indicated he had been using his own procedure and that his e-mail can show return receipt. Chaz has also sent out letters via USPS with good response from residents.


It was noted by Chaz that we will wait one week to send out any certified letters as some checks may be caught up in the PO Box change of address. An e-mail will be sent to all Homeowners regarding new PO Box mailing address.

Discussion was brought up about a house in the neighborhood that was recently painted. It was noted by the Modifications committee that the Homeowner had not submitted an application for modification.  Much discussion ensued regarding the colors of the house, however the Board reminded everyone that this is a procedural violation. Members insisted the home was not within the color pallet. Discussion about flipping the color of the home and trim was brought up. The Board referred to the by-laws stating the dominant color must not be changed without prior approval from the Modification Committee.

Modifications Committee Report – There has been no applications made to the committee. 

Groundskeeping Report – It was reported to the Board from Family Lawn Care that some lake homes were cutting their lawns to the lake.  It is stated in our docs that the 8-10 feet of easement around the lake is to be maintained only by the association lawn company.  Discussion arose about the ugly patterns that crop up due to members cutting on different days. No decision made at this time.

Dian is looking into new ponds/lakes maintenance.  Diane is going to follow up with several different companies. The trees at the entrance were dying.  A tree surgeon came out and root fed the trees and reported that because of the age and size of trees they are taking all the water from the center island. He suggested planting something with deeper roots or some small ground cover instead of grass. The sad bushes along Palmer have exposed roots and need to be mulched or stoned.  

Gary: Street light is out – Andrea will take care of it.

Website – New design. Streamlined and database driven. Has section for comments.  Website should serve as a tool to the HOA with easy access to documents, information, and contact information.  Residents can access all of the minutes back to 2001.  Please contact Joe with feedback.  Vivian said it’s very easy to navigate. 

Old Business – Ben met with Tony Edmundson from Porter Paints. Says it’s not their problem due to cracks/leaks. It’s a settlement problem. Porter Paints is willing to supply the paint at no cost but cracks need to be repaired first.


New Business – Proposed Amendments for Annual General Meeting in December

  • Application Fee for new owners/renters. Members liked the idea but question what would be done with the information. It was discussed whether to charge per application or per individual. 
  • Sheds are currently a violation. – The county defines a shed for anything over 150 cubic feet. A homeowner would need to have a building permit and be inspected by county for a shed to be legal in Sarasota. Members would like to follow the existing doc’s which do not permit any type of shed in Meadow Walk.  If homeowner’s want to petition for change must follow the state laws.
  • Mailboxes – It was questioned who was responsible for maintaining the appearance of mailboxes. It is the responsibility of the homeowner to maintain a neat appearance of the boxes.  The documents state that all homeowner’s use a standard white mailbox and the post must match the color of the exterior wall NOT the home.  People whose mailboxes are the color of their house are in violation and will be receiving a notice. Ben is going to do a visual inventory of the neighborhood mailboxes for wear and tear.  A flyer was passed around of the preformed, plastic mailboxes which are designed for easy/little maintenance. It was unanimously agreed that they would not fit in with the current décor of the neighborhood.

Open Business:

  • When are ladders coming off the trucks?
  • U-Haul was brought in with garbage and left there overnight?
  • Can anything be done about motorcycle noise?
  • Southwest corner there is lawn debris and other dead brush. The ground is eroding and getting thin.  Pond and lake person is spraying and killing plantings from homeowner. Needs to be built up. 


Need a volunteer for the Board of Directors – Dolly Fenix and Gary Walsh have both volunteered for the open Board position vacated by Eddie Martin. 

Meeting adjourned at 8:30pm.