Minutes: 03/21/2007

March 21, 2007, 7:00 PM at the Fruitville Library

Directors Present: Joe Stewart, Chaz Allen, Diane Treharne
Directors Absent: Betsy Dane, Eddie Martin

Joe Stewart called the meeting to order at 7:05 PM.
The first item discussed was the state of the wall on Palmer. Joe is to have it power washed and Diane has set up a meeting with Porter Paints to discuss the mold, bubbling and peeling on Monday morning at 8am. Having someone redo the cracks from settling was discussed.

The online financials – Chaz has not yet received any financial documentation from Betsy and could not report, but stated that he was to receive the paperwork by Saturday. This spurred comments from the floor;
1) It was pointed out several times – aggressively - that we have only 72 hours to deliver financials when called to do so.
2) A demand for financials with explanation of the spent reserves was formally given and they were assured that the financials would be available within 72 hours.
3) Continued discussions of allocation of funds and documentation pursued.
4) Several home owners admitted to not paying their association fees so that they could see what type of “collection” process we have in place. Also it has been stated in past meetings that all fees were up to date, and they wanted to prove that this was not so. Late fees were discussed. After explanation of the “new” process they agreed to bring their account up to date.
5) It was demanded that the board do their job and pay more attention to deadlines, receivables, and the protocol.

Other items from the floor;
1) Where are the minutes from the “emergency meeting”?
2) Andrea will start preparing the directory for this year, now that we have new home owner information.
3) Dolly is going to start gathering residents who might be interested in reviving the “Meadow Walk Spirit”, with some social activities.

Meeting was adjourned at 7:50PM

Minutes taken and transcribed by Diane Treharne.