Minutes: 10/23/2004

October 23, 2004, 7:00 PM at the Fruitville Library

All Directors were present

John Finlay was absent, all other Directors were in attendance.

Nancy Dell'Accio called the meeting to order at 9:04 AM. Betsy Dane read the minutes from the August 29th special meeting, which were amended to show Nancy Dell'Accio, Betsy Dane and John Finlay had voted to retain the services of Coastline Landscaping, while Josh Ridenour and Eddie Martin had cast their votes for Aaron's Bayside. With that addition made, Josh Ridenour moved to approve the minutes, seconded by Nancy Dell'Accio, approved unanimously.

The next matter was the discussion of the performance of Coastline Landscaping. Gary Walsh and a few other homeowners had voiced dissatisfaction with the work being done, and had questioned the licensing, etc. of Coastline. After extensive discussion, a motion was made by Betsy Dane, seconded by Nancy Dell'Accio and unanimously approved that the Board would issue a letter to Coastline requiring that they provide, within 30 days, the following:
1. Their license to spray herbicide, or proof that they had enrolled in the requisite classes to obtain the license.
2. Workers compensation insurance, or proof that they had received or applied for their Workers Comp exemption,
3. Proof of compliance with the equipment specifications in their contract
4. Proof of compliance with the trimming specifications in their contract.

Nancy announced that it had been decided to shelve the re-writing of any of the Associationâs documents. It will be up to the next Board of Directors to re-open this issue.

Betsy Dane reported on the status of the maintenance fees, all but five homeowners had sent in their final 2004 payments. As of this time, the Association has over $12,000 in the bank, with anticipated expenses of approximately $4,200 remaining for the year. The budget will be decided on at the Annual Meeting.

Julie Donaldson and Joe Stewart have volunteered to canvas the entire neighborhoods, seeking nominees for the upcoming elections. Three vacancies will be created by expiring terms.

Betsy Dane is working on updating the Homeownersâ Directory. She is only missing one new homeowner, and will begin to work on the revised edition. Also, John Finlay has received four paid ads for the directory. As he was not present, an update was not available. The funds generated by the ads are to be used for our 2nd Annual Holiday Party, scheduled for December 11th at the Farm Bureau. Carol Dodge has volunteered to coordinate the food, and Andrea DelSanto has volunteered to coordinate Santaâs visit.

Nancy attended the County's meeting on October 16 which addressed the possible uses for the Celery Fields. She indicated a favorable reaction to the preliminary proposals, which include new lighting and paths. There is the possibility of a small amphitheater, and possibly a county education building at the corner of Apex Road. The attendees were assured that all neighborhood homeowners would be advised of all meetings and proposals, and that their input would be solicited. For information on the lighting systems, you can contact Nina Powers, 650-0876.

In terms of new business:

1. Eddie Martin told us that the contract with GravityFree expires on January 2, and that the cost to continue our site with them would be $59.95/month. Joe Stewart indicated that he has a company that would provide the service for much less, as he feels we are not a commercial site, and he will provide details prior to the expiration of the GravityFree contract.
2. Nancy mentioned that NO FOOD is to be tossed into the lakes, it is fine to feed the birds on your lawns, but bread, etc. can kill a turtle.
3. Josh reported that the Modifications Committee has named John Piazza Chairman. At the last meeting, the Bichlers submitted a request to change the configuration of their rear fence, to paint their house, and to extend the screened in portion of their lanai. The requests were approved unanimously, and therefore Josh did not have to cast a tie-breaking vote.

There being no further business, Betsy moved to adjourn, Josh seconded, and the motion to adjourn was approved unanimously at 10:15 AM.

Respectfully submitted,

Betsy Dane