Minutes: 04/29/2004

April 29, 2004 , 7:00 PM at the Fruitville Library

Board Members Present: Nancy Dell'Accio, Eddie Martin, Penny Walsh, John Finlay
Board Member Absent: Betsy Dane

Nancy Dell'Accio called the meeting to order at 7:03 PM. In the absence of the Secretary/Treasurer, Vivia Martin was asked to record the minutes of the meeting and read the minutes from the January 30,2004. Nancy made a motion that they be accepted as read, seconded by Eddie, all approved.

Nancy reported that the Secretary/Treasurer reported that all homeowners quarterly dues have been paid.

Nancy reported that Russ Hoffman would be here Saturday, May 8, 2004 for the Wetland Project. The time is from 8:00 AM until noon. ALL homeowners are encouraged participate. Please wear gloves and boots or sneakers and bring gardening supplies such as shovels, picks, rakes, trash bags and any other gardening tools you think may needed. In the event of rain, the planting will be on May 15 or May 16, 2004, the same time. This will be announced when/if necessary.

Bill Swan brought up the fact that the 3,700 plants planted by Creative Wetlands don't seem to be growing. Jim Henslick, of Creative Wetlands will come out and see if there is a problem. He also stated that cypress trees may be planted on the grassy edge of the Littoral Shelf, but no other plants can be planted there at this time. We are still under contract with Creative Wetlands due to our non-compliance last year. We must have the area monitored on a monthly basis and inspected quarterly. This monthly monitoring will end in 2005 if we continue to stay in compliance.

Dolly Fenix reported a rough draft of the revised Development Construction Standard Guidelines has been completed. She also stated that one document at a time will be revised. The next document will be the Articles of Incorporation. All documents will be ready for the homeowners to vote on at the Annual Meeting in December 2004.

Parking in front of the entrance island is illegal; it is covered under Florida Statue 316.1945. A sheriff's deputy will monitor the situation from time to time. Please obey the speed limit in this community.

Garage Sale update: Nancy called the Farm Bureau concerning renting their property for a community garage sale. The cost is $107.00. The Homeowners Association will not pay this; those participating will. If you are interested, please contact Nancy.

Some board members had a question relating to the Presidents authority to spend up to $500.00 without prior Board approval. After a very lengthily discussion and a reminder that this was voted on in the March 25,2002 meeting, and approved by the previous Board the following motion was made by Nancy and seconded by John and approved by all board members present: "The president has the authority to spend up to $500.00 without board approval. The president will then need to go back to the board to renew the spending authority for an additional $500.00."

All Emails, telephone calls, letters and any other form of communication from the homeowners will be shared with all the board members. Vince Dell'Accio stated that all correspondence is a matter of public record and can be viewed by any homeowner once a request is made.

Penny stated that the board members should know what requests are being submitted to the Modification Committee. Paul Richau will take the responsibility to type an agenda and email it to Eddie to be posted on the website.

The By-Laws, as they now read, prohibits recreational vehicles to be parked in a driveway. Street parking is illegal under FL Statue 316.1945. After a very lengthily discussion Dolly Fenix suggested a variance be made until the existing By-Laws are revised. The following motion was made by Nancy, seconded by Eddie and approved by all board members present: "Variance: Until the Deed Restrictions and By-Laws have been revised and accepted by the homeowners at the Annual Meeting in December 2004, Recreational vehicles (campers, boats & trailers) owned by homeowners only may be parked in the homeowners driveway not to exceed 48 hours."

Trash is still being thrown in the bushes at the entryway and around the lakes. We all know that the trash collectors are due to part of the problem, but feel it is mostly the homeowners.

Some children have been seen skate boarding at the entrance, which caused damage to two of the lights. If this occurs again, a letter will be sent to the parents informing them of the cost of repairs.

We are still having a problem with dog feces either not being picked up or not disposed of. Bags of it have been found behind the bushes by the wall. It is unhealthy to humans and animals. Please curb your dog and dispose of it properly.

Gary Walsh noticed that children from Shadow Oaks have been fishing in the lakes again. He was advised to call the sheriff's Department of the violation of our "No Trespassing" signs.

Rental property in the neighborhood is somewhat of a problem. This will be addressed in the revision of the By-Laws

A motion was made by John and seconded by Nancy to adjourn the meeting.

Nancy adjourned the meeting at 8:45 PM.

Vivia Martin. My thanks to Eddie Martin for all of his assistance!