Minutes: 01/30/2003

January 30, 2003, 7:00 PM at the Fruitville Library

Nancy Dell'Accio, President, called the meeting to order at 7:05 PM. All Directors were present. As this is a new Board, Nancy introduced the Directors to the homeowners present.

The first order of business was the reading and approval of the minutes of the Annual Meeting held on December 16, 2002. They were approved as corrected, and should read that the meeting reconvened at 7:40 PM and was adjourned at 8:00 PM. The minutes of the Board of Directors meeting held on the same evening were approved as written.

Nancy stated that unlike prior meetings, where a homeowner must submit his/her wish to speak at least 7 days prior to the meeting, all homeowners will be given the opportunity to speak at each meeting during the new business portion unless he or she wishes to address directly the topic on the floor at a given time. This will provide more open communication with, and more understanding of, the concerns of the homeowners.

We have learned that the Association is not in compliance with the regulations concerning the mitigation/buffer area of the littoral shelf within the preserve area of the community. We have until February 15 to cure the violations. The cost to do so will be $1616, to include the bush hogging of the area behind the old Morrison model, and of the buffer zone, and the planning of 12 tree 9 red maples and 3 water oaks. This initial fee will also include a 30-day inspection. Two further inspections will be required, one after one year, and another after two years, each at a cost of $300. As we had been under the impression following the report of the committee that had been established to investigate the preserves/wetlands that there had been no violations, (which was also the input as provided by Cliff Cross), the Board decided to make some further calls prior to approving the expenditure, and will reconvene at an "emergency" meeting next week if necessary.

It was also brought to the homeowners' attention that any dumping in the ditches will result in individual fines, and they are urged to be sure that their lawn services, etc. do not dump even clippings in any public area or in the ditches. Nancy will be meeting with a County representative to discuss the Palmer Blvd. ditches in about two weeks. In terms of the Raymond Road buffer/ditch, we have been informed that the County cleans and mows this area every May. The only thing standing in their way are two oak trees, which Meadow Walk had purchased as part of its landscaping, and which stand in Brian King's yard. Permission was given to Brian to remove these two trees, hopefully for reuse in another area of the community, in order to facilitate the County's work.

Eddie Martin will be getting new bids for the mowing service for the common areas, as well as for the repair and restoration of the Palmer Blvd. wall. In terms of the irrigation system, he is also investigating a system that can be incorporated into the irrigation system that will also fertilize the common trees and plants. Becky and Bill Swann asked that the bids include some budget for plants along the south side. Eddie mentioned that he is still concerned about the lava rock expense from last year.

In terms of web and neighborhood security, it was necessary for Eddie Martin, our Webmaster, to institute the use of passwords for the homeowners to access the web site. Simply enter the lot number twice in the password space·this was necessary due to someone using the old system password and locking the system down for several days.
Neighborhood security was also mentioned, homeowners were urged to keep their garages and vehicles locked to protect contents.

We will be receiving a sign from the County for the front of the development indicating "No Outlet" this was requested due to the recent high volume of cars pulling into the cul-de-sacs and making rapid u-turns to exit the development. One homeowner had suggested speed bumps. At this time, the Board decided not to request speed bumps, and will continue to monitor the traffic situation.

Betsy Dane reported that 9 homeowners have not yet submitted their association dues, but that letters have been sent out.Ê At this time the Association has $13,200 in savings and $8,800 in checking, with no current liabilities.

Betsy made a motion to seek bids from outside accountants for the preparation of the Association tax return. The motion was seconded by Nancy Dellaccio and carried unanimously, with further stipulation that Betsy can engage the services of an accountant after receiving three bids, provided that the cost is reasonable and is in the $200. ballpark. Any higher expense will be have to be approved by Nancy, within her $500 authority.

Kurt Richter provided a report on the Modifications Committee. There have been three requests, one pool which was approved, one pool which was tabled pending more information concerning the location of the equipment, and one request for the expansion of a driveway and installation of a patio, which was declined. Refer to Modification Committee minutes for more detailed information.

Tonya Bichler and Marisa King will continue to write the newsletter, but have been asked to submit it to Betsy on a disc or CD for her to run off. This will keep the expenses centralized.

Nancy indicated that she would like to form a committee to review the deed restrictions. Some are clearly obsolete given the complete development of Meadow Walk, and some are clearly necessary but ignored. It was reiterated, for example, that homeowners with dogs must keep their dogs curbed, and not let them wander (although on leashes, some are on the retractable leashes which should be better controlled) up to other homeowners front doors, flowers, yards, etc. Curb and pick-up waste, carry bags and be considerate of your neighbors property. In that light, Nancy reiterated the purpose of the Board of Directors, to maintain a safe, attractive and financially sound community. The Board is not to be involved in neighbor-to-neighbor issues. If a homeowner sees someone walking a dog in his/her yard, or sees a neighbor or neighbor's guest driving too quickly, talk to that neighbor. If there is a serious or dangerous traffic situation, call the Police. This is to be dealt with on an individual basis.

The following items were mentioned in the New Business discussion:

1. There is still concern about one homeowner conducting a commercial business from his home. The nature of the business is being looked into.
2. The basketball hoops are a safety concern for the children using them, and Nancy will speak to the homeowners about moving them up, possibly, to avoid having the children in the street at all times.
3. Nancy will speak with the County about the culverts for the drainage system, they are very large, and a potential danger for a small child.
4. Kurt has replaced the lamp that burned out behind Eddie Martinâs house, and FPL has repaired their burnt out light.
5. It was asked that homeowners take extreme caution in exiting the development in the early morning, cars with students are parked at the entrance waiting for busses. Please go slowly and take care.
6. It has been requested that all homeowners tell their lawn services, and all other service vehicles, that they should be parked only in front of their customer's house where possible please do not block other homeowners' lawns or driveways.
7. For those homeowners on the lakes, please take care to pick up any debris you see so that the lakes stay clean.
8. Becky Swann will report on the proposals for the recreational area at the Celery Fields at the next meeting.

There being no further business, John Finlay made the motion to adjourn, seconded by Kurt Richter and unanimously approved, at 8:07 PM.

Respectfully submitted,

Betsy Dane