Minutes: 12/16/2002

December 16, 2002, 7:00 PM at the Fruitville Library

At 7:00 pm, Bill Detra, President, asked for a roll call of the members who were present. Connie Meadows read the roll, and stated that there was no quorum. Various homeowners present called other homeowners, drove out to pick up absentee ballots and three additional homeowners arrived at the meeting.

At 7:45 pm another roll call was held with the following results: those present in person were (1) William & Viva Martin, (15) Danette Butler, (19) Glenn Donahue, (21) Daniel Beiler, (22) Betsy Dane, (26) Carl & Karen Peterson, (30) Vincent & Nancy Dellaccio, (31) Elizabeth King, (37) Connie Meadows & Hilde Scheibe, (38) Gary & Penny Walsh, (41) William Detra, (42) Steve Zadiraka, (47) Kurt Richter, (48) Peter & Margaret Morrison, (52) Peter Marschall, (60/61) Sue Ward, (63) Brian King; those present by absentee ballot or proxy were (2/3) William & Julie Donaldson, (4) Markus & Tonia Bichler, (9) Sergei & Tatiana Moiseev, (12) James & Brenda McCarville, (13) Troy & Charlotte Mooney, (14) Thomas & Melissa Quinlan, (20) Michael & Carolyn Braun, (23) David & Kimberly Grissom, (25) Johnson & Dona Uthuppan, (27) John & Erin Shableski, (29) John & Karen Piazza, (32) Ben & Maggie Hilton, (36) Marc Richard & Debra Salisbury, (44) William & Rebecca Swan, (51) Andy & Eileen Small, (55) Anthony & Leda Palermo, (56) April Anthony, (57) Jeanne Gills, (58) Lewis & Bonnie Benner, (66) John & Susan Finlay. Thirty-seven homeowners being represented, a quorum was declared.

Connie Meadows read the minutes of the annual meeting of December 17, 2001. On a motion by Kurt Richter, seconded by Bill Detra, the minutes were unanimously approved.

Connie Meadows reported that for the period from January 1 through December 16, 2002, a total of $31,163.50 has been received, $30,947.15 from homeownerâs dues, with late fees, and $216.35 interest. Expenditures for the same period represent $21,889.57 for net income of $9,273.93. There is currently $3,843.31 in the checking account and $13,164.77 in the savings account for total assets of $17,008.08. There are no liabilities and only $23.54 in a special fund for social events. On a motion by Peter Marschall, seconded by Eddie Martin, the treasurerâs report was unanimously approved.

Bill Detra reported that there are three vacancies to be filled on the Board of Directors, and four nominees. He called for any nominations from the floor. There being none, ballots were completed and turned over to Brian King for tally, checked by Karen Peterson. The results indicated that Nancy Delaccio, Betsy Dane and Eddie Martin are elected Directors for the period December 2002-December 2004.

Peter Marschall asked if the homeowners association provided buyers with documents of the association when property changed hands from the original buyers.

Connie Meadows stated that each new homeowner receives a welcome letter mentioning that all the documents governing the homeowners association are found on our web site. He further asked about apparent violations in running businesses from homes. A letter was written to that owner regarding prohibition of parking of commercial vehicles in the driveway, a limitation to two vehicles parked in the driveway overnight, and a prohibition of any parking on the street at night.

On a motion by Steve Zadarika, seconded by Gary Walsh, unanimously approved, the meeting was adjourned at 9:30.

Constance Meadows, outgoing Secretary/Treasurer