Minutes: 03/25/2002

Monday, March 25, 2002, Fruitville Library

Bill Detra called the meeting to order at 7:00 PM. All Board Members were present.

On a motion by Cliff Cross, seconded by John Finaly, the minutes of the meeting of February 25, 2002 were unanimously approved.

Connie Meadows presented the Treasurerâs Report. Receipts year to date are $16,138. Expenses so far this year are $11,534. There is $19,582 in the bank.
Cliff Cross asked about depositing some of our funds in a Money Market fund and said he knows one that pays around 3%. He will advise Connie of the account. On a motion by Cliff Cross, Seconded by John Finlay, the report was unanimously approved.

John Finlay stated that there is nothing to report from the Modification Committee.

Eddie Martin stated that he had replaced ten feet of pipe and installed four new sprinkler heads as well as replacing the battery in the timer. He has applied fertilizer and ant killer in the beds, an invoice for the supplies will be forthcoming.

John Finlay brought up the possibility of replacing mulch with lava rock. A price has been obtained by Eddie of $93/ton (not delivered), another source quoted $147/ton and it is believed five to six tons would be required. Bill Detra asked Brian King's advice as he had formerly been on the Board and in charge of Landscaping. He confirmed that lava rock is a good and more permanent replacement for mulch. On a motion by Connie Meadows, seconded by Cliff Cross, it was voted to authorize up to $500 for replacing the mulch in the median strip with lava rock. Kurt Richter voted nay.

Cliff Cross reported on research he has conducted regarding the preserve area. No homeowner has approached him about this, but he has contacted horticulturists regarding the preserve and a report will be received soon. In general, the preserve is in excellent condition. There are two bad weeds (which we are not obliged to remove), they are the tropical soda apple and a grass that grows along the perimeter. If we have flooding in this area, these weeds will die. Cliff suggests we hire the people treating our lakes to spray these two weeds after we get prior approval from SWFWMD. He also suggests planting bald cypress seedlings in the preserve, after approval from SWFWMD. Additionally, he contacted the Fire Marshal regarding the vulnerability of the preserve to fire. He was advised that there is practically no risk of fire and even if there should be fire, the surrounding homes would not be vulnerable due to their block construction and fire resistant shingle roofs.

John Finlay has found a free 30 foot fiberglass light pole for Meadow Walk. It must now be brought here. The application for a permit is in process. It is estimated that the fixture will cost around $200 and a contractor will have to connect the electrical portion. On a motion by Connie Meadows, seconded by Cliff Cross it was unanimously agreed to provide up to $500 for this light pole. The FPL light fixture should be installed by the end of this week.

Kurt Richter has asked to be excused from heading the wall cleaning project. Brian King has offered to head up this project, and the Board accepted. The risks of using full strength bleach was discussed and the possible resultant liability for any damage from it. Brian will use a safe bio-degradable product ãGreased Lighteningä.
There was no report from the Social Committee.
There was no report on the Newsletter.
Eileen Small reported that the Welcoming Committee was to hold a meeting, but meanwhile the new residents had received a Welcome Letter from the Board. Connie apologized and explained that a letter was necessary to inform the new residents about the homeowners assessments which are due April 1. No information on telephone numbers or e-mail addresses has been received, and the help of this committee to collect this information will be appreciated. A new list of all known residents to date was given Eileen.

John brought up the idea of having a Beautification/Landscaping Committee of homeowners, and Bill Detra is willing to e-mail asking for volunteers.

Bill Detra stated that a group of tile setters working on one of the new houses had been netting fish in our ponds. Netting is illegal in Sarasota County, the first offence resulting in a warning, a second offence involves inprisonment. For clarification, he recommends we include a prohibition of netting for fish in our rules and regulations.He also mentioned that a County program "Neighborhood Watch" can provide valuable support for homeowners associations. On a motion by Cliff Cross, seconded by Connie Meadows it was unanimously approved to including the following in our rules and regulations: No fishing by illegal means including by use of a net in Meadow Walk ponds is permitted, and this practice will be subject to violations and fines. Fishing by pole by homeowners and their guests only is permitted.

Cliff Cross presented several matters for consideration by the Board;

A new policy should be established for providing homeowners with the opportunity to speak at Board meetings. The following policy was unanimously approved on a motion by Connie Meadows, seconded by Cliff Cross: If a homeowner wants to discuss something at a meeting, notice must be given in writing to a board member at least 14 days prior to a board meeting. The agenda will be posted on the web site 14 days prior to a meeting. Others wishing to speak on issues on the agenda have until 7 days prior to the meeting. Homeowners will be allowed to speak to the issues they have signed up for for up to three minutes, but the President will have the authority to cut discussion short if it is repetitive.

In view of the fact that no newsletter has come out over the past several months, Cliff suggested that responsibility be transferred to someone who would be willing to undertake leadership of this project. He asked Eileen Small if she would be willing to take the project on. She has agreed, and a newsletter will come out by June 10. The newsletter requires Board review and approval and Cliff Cross will be the Board liaison for this project. This change was unanimously approved by the board on a motion by Cliff Cross seconded by Connie Meadows. Suggested content includes the birth of new babies, awards, control of fire ants, where to vote, free homeowner inspections, how to apply for homestead exemption, etc. Additionally, Eillen will make a flyer invitating volunteers to work on the Beautification/Landscaping Committee. Vivia offered to hand deliver them, but only on a weekend.

Cliff commented that everything that goes on our web site is available to the whole world. He suggests that we not include anything which is contentious or unpleasant or would make Meadow Walk look bad.

Cliff then brought up the possibility of the Board of Directors meeting with less frequency. Our attorney had said that monthly meetings are not necessary except, perhaps, in the very beginning. On a motion by Connie Meadows, seconded by Kurt Richter, it was unanimously agreed to meet quarterly except when emergency situations arise in which case a special meeting can be called.

Finally, Cliff recommended that the President have the authority to decide to make expenditures up to a certain amount. On a motion by Connie Meadows, seconded by Cliff Cross, it was unanimously agreed that the President have authority to spend up to $500 without prior Board approval.

The meeting was adjourned at 8:30 PM

Respectfully submitted, Connie Meadows, March 26, 2002