Minutes: 02/25/2002

February 25, 2002, 7:00 PM at the Fruitville Library

The meeting was called to order by Bill Detra at 7:00 PM. Present were Bill Detra, Cliff Cross, John Finlay, Connie Meadows and Kurt Richter.

Connie Meadows read the minutes of the meeting of January 28, 2002. On a motion by Kurt Richter, seconded by John Finlay, the minutes were unanimously approved.

Connie Meadows submitted the financial report. Three homeowners assessments are still outstanding for the first quarter of 2002. When asked who was delinquent, she reported that new owners Mr. & Mrs. Peter Morrison, who had only recently been advised of the fees (due to a lack of communication from the title company) had promised to pay. The Benners and the Johnsons are still unpaid. According to the procedure in force, they will receive one further reminder after February 28 warning that lack of payment will result in the matter being referred to our attorney at the end of March.

John Finlay reported that the Modification Committee had met a week ago. One request had been received to erect a 6 foot high fence from the Bichlerâs. The request was denied, and the letter will go out tomorrow. There are no other pending requests.

Eddie Martin reported that he checked the irrigation system on Sunday and everything is working.

John Finlay responded to Eddie Martin's comment that the beds need weeding and mulching, and he will call Mike's Lawn Service. John reported that Morrison Homes made a pile of dirt available and Kurt Richter moved sufficient wheel barrow loads of it to fill in the hole in the South West corner.

Bill Detra reported that more work was done on the lakes last week including a complete check of weeds and spraying. In approximately nine months final approval on the lakes should be received.

Kurt Richter reported that the City of Sarasota declined to donate a light pole to Meadow Walk. Kurt and John have looked for other options. One option is to purchase a post for $45 and get a fixture from Home Depot. This would be a little taller than a standard residential lamp post, but not as sturdy as he would have liked. In the interest of providing light at the front gate as soon as possible, Connie Meadows made a motion to allocate $250 from Homeowners funds to install the light post. The motion was seconded by Cliff Cross and passed unanimously.

Kurt Richter said that he had done no further work on the wall. Eddie Martin reported he had sprayed the wall behind his house and it looks good. A work team of Eddie and Brian King headed by Kurt Richter will work on the wall when the weather is suitable, tentatively one week from Saturday.

Barbara Keit was absent, and there was no Social Committee report. Betsy Dane reported that no newsletter has been prepared as yet.

Under Old Business, Connie reported that the amendments to the declarations have been recorded and with the corporate files.

Under New Business, Bill Detra thanked the Swans for donating the water used to save the plants along the South edge of the community. He thanked Connie for preparing the tax return and saving $150 of budgeted funds. He thanked Eddie Martin for his work on the web site and for overseeing the irrigation system. He thanked Kurt Richter for his work on the wall, and for filling in the holes in the South West portion of the community.

A Welcome Committee was created and Eileen Small, Kim Grissom and Kim Beiler offered to serve on it. The intention is to prepare a flyer outlining general information about the community, when and where the board meetings are held, how to bring an item to the agenda, call peopleâs attention to the web site and tell them what is on it, and to obtain telephone numbers and e-mail addresses of new residents.

On a motion by Connie Meadows, seconded by Kurt Richter, the meeting was adjourned at 7:45 PM.

Extensive discussion by homeowners present at the meeting followed the adjournment of the Board Meeting. It was agreed that the Agendas would be sent to Eddie Martin for posting on the web site. Concerns were expressed about the lighting at the gate, which was addressed by the Board. It was reported that the requested reduction in the speed limit had been approved, but it is not yet known what the new speed limit will be. The change will take up to two months. The board reminded homeowners that they may submit any concerns they have to be added to a Board agenda by submitting their request in writing no later than seven days before the meeting.

Respectfully submitted, Constance C. Meadows, March 1, 2002