Minutes: 12/17/2001

December 17, 2001, 7:00 PM at the Fruitville Library

Bill Detra called the meeting to order.

On a motion by Cliff Cross, seconded by Connie Meadows, the minutes of the meeting of November 19 were unanimously approved.

The financial report was omitted, having already been presented at the General Meeting.

Bill Detra called for nominations for officers for the year 2002.

Connie Meadows nominated Bill Detra as President, and he was unanimously elected.
Bill Detra nominated Connie Meadows as Secretary/Treasurer, and she was unanimously elected.
John Finlay nominated Cliff Cross as Vice President, and he was unanimously elected.

Modification Committee Report - no activity. John Finlay has been in touch with the Moiseevâs and they know that a wooden fence would be acceptable.

Irrigation Report. Eddie Martin indicated that everything is in good working order at present. John Finlay will research information about a watering system for the South side of the property and as soon as this is gathered, a meeting will be held to make a prompt decision.

Landscaping Report. John Finlay recommended against halting the mowing of the grass along Palmer Boulevard. It will only be cut every six to eight weeks by the County and would get out of hand in the wet season. On a motion by Cliff Cross, seconded by Connie Meadows, it was unanimously decided to continue having Mikeâs Lawn Service mow the area along Palmer Boulevard.

Lake Report. A message had been received from Harry and Barbara Keit regarding the vegetation in the sump and preserve area. Cliff Cross spoke to the representative at SWFWMD, Steve Ellis, who indicated that if we remove undesirable plants, we must replace them with desirable plants. This is likely to be expensive and time consuming and would require permission from SWFWMD. Our documents specifically state that cattails may not be removed. This area has in some instances been referred to as a ãpondä, but on all our plats it is referred to as a sump or preserve, to be left in natural state. Furthermore, there are two trenches behind the houses on Palmer Boulevard which cannot be altered. Also there was a trench behind the Anthony, Keit and Morrison Homes model which have been in whole or part filled in. These trenches, according to the plats, are to be left as they direct the flow of water. They should be restored. Cliff Cross is willing to go to SWFWMD with the Keits to clarify the options regarding the plant material in the preserve.

Lighting Report. Everything is in good working order. Kurt will get prices on some options for a light pole at the front gate.

Wall Report. Kurt had received no response from people willing to help clean the wall. Brian King, Ray Morrison and Eddie Martin immediately volunteered to help.

On a motion by Connie Meadows, seconded by John Finlay, it was unanimously voted to adjourn the meeting at 8:45 pm.

Respectfully submitted, Connie Meadows
December 18, 2001