Minutes: 12/12/2001

December 12, 2001 , 7:00 PM at the Fruitville Library

Bill Detra, President, called the meeting to order at 7:03 pm. Present were Bill Detra, Cliff Cross, John Finlay and Kurt Richter. Connie Meadows was absent.

The single agenda item was the discussion of the dying trees along the South border of the property which had been planted by the Developer in the Spring of 2001, without any irrigation provision for that area. The oaks, pines and cedars are wilting and dying due to drought conditions.

The Board proposed that, with the help of certain residents, chosen by their location to the affected areas, we use their water spigot to water the affected areas and reimburse the homeowner for whatever water usage they incur over their norm. Another idea considered was, if allowed, to pump out of the large lake with an electric sump pump and reimburse the closest homeowner for power usage.

On a motion by Cliff Cross, seconded by John Finlay, it was unanimously approved to attach garden hose with drip hose end to consenting homeowners water spigots to provide water to the worst hit areas of the community, mainly the southwest corner, and to reimburse said homeowners for expenses incurred over and above their standard monthly water/sewer bill.

On a motion by John Finlay, seconded by Bill Detra, it was unanimously approved to adjourn the meeting at 7:30 pm.

Submitted by John Finlay, Director, December 12, 2001